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Conference Planning Template

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Conference Planning Template
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Are you planning to organize a conference for your company? Well, you must have a million questions racing through your head! Where will the conference be held? Who will sponsor it? What will the budget be? Who will be invited? Will there be a chief guest? And so on!

Organizing and conducting a conference is not a simple task. However, with a lot of planning, a little bit of hard work, and the right people, you can easily plan a successful conference!

From companies to colleges, NGOs to start-up ventures, conferences are vital for all forms of organization.

How to plan a successful conference? 

  • Give yourself sufficient time to plan the conference (Last-minute planning is never a good idea!). 
  • Decide on the subject matter and theme of your conference.
  • Set a target audience depending on the above.
  • Set the budget for the conference and start looking for sponsors.
  • Assign a team to plan and manage the conference.
  • Choose your speakers and topics of discussion carefully.
  • Decide on a venue and date for the conference.
  • Arrange vendors to supply the relevant materials.
  • Conduct the conference!

Conference planning can be quite stressful. Are you looking for a conference planning template to make your job easier? Well, your search is over! Stackby has created a state-of-the-art Conference Planning Template just for you! This template will allow you to monitor every aspect of your conference and prevent you from overlooking any detail, big or small.

With Stackby’s Conference Plan Template, you will be able to:

  • Plan your entire event from a single platform!
  • Record the sequence of events for each conference and the corresponding venue.
  • Add images of the venue to the template for future reference. 
  • Store the seating capacity of the particular venue. 
  • Record the date, time, and duration of each event of the conference.
  • Track the speaker assigned to each event and the corresponding topic of discussion.
  • Add contact details and headshots of each speaker to your conference plan template.
  • Record details of companies sponsoring your event. Add details of the contact person from each company to avoid any communication gap.
  • Record the amount sponsored by each company and the current status of the sponsorship (Approached/ Committed/ Received).
  • Track the members of the team responsible for organizing and conducting the conference.
  • Store contact details of the members and their current designation.
  • Keep track of the budget for your conference. Monitor the amount spent on each task and the corresponding budget assigned to it. This will help you check if you are overshooting the budget.
  • Record the list of topics that will be discussed at the conference and add notes, if necessary.
  • Track and update the details as and when necessary.

Whether it’s the venue or the budget, sponsors of the speakers, Stackby’s Conference Planning Template is a one-stop solution to all your problems. Collaborate with your team to organize a successful conference with our easy-to-use conference planning template!

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