5 Effective ways to Manage your Company's HR Processes 2024

Managing your HR processes have never been this easy. Here are 5 most effective ways to manage your HR workflows like Applicant Tracking, Employee On-boarding, Employee Directory, Agency Talent Management and more.

5 Effective ways to Manage your Company's HR Processes 2024

Human Resources Management need not be the weighty task it was before. Nor do you need pricey software or multiple spreadsheets to manage your day-to-day activities. Stackby lets you create easy-to-use HRM Workflows. Instead of working on several platforms to manage your process, here are 5 great ways to manage them all on a single platform, the way you want. Read on...

Of late, human resources software has been perking up and gaining a foothold in the software market. Automated workflows, applicant tracking systems, management information system (MIS), etc., are a few of them. But do these software provide comprehensive service? Not always. It is a case of one hat trying to fit many heads, irrespective of the size of the head. Or you need to go around and buy many hats. Unfortunately, as an HR, the experience is not one that you will like while managing your human resources development.

There are companies that are still old school and use spreadsheets for their human resources planning and other HR functions. It is tedious and at some stage, you do start wishing for something that is easy to use and convenient but still decide to stay with the spreadsheet either due to investment reasons or simply because you don’t have the time for training.

We at Stackby.com have always seen human resources as a labor-intensive department -- no, not in a blue-collared way. There is too much work, too much data that they rummage and manage. Also, it is no longer just hiring and firing for HR departments. From strategizing business values, task management, team-building, sourcing, performance appraisal, maintaining a knowledge base, succession planning, HR compliance – there are many mantles to don. What if HR processes become easy to manage? How about automating the data? Let me tell you about 5 ways through which you can easily manage your HR processes.

For the uninitiated, Stackby.com is not an HRM software. To borrow a few words from the first paragraph, it is a single hat -- but one that ‘actually’ fits many heads, irrespective of the size of the head :). For your human resources department, it could be your human resources management system, application tracker, onboarding tool/checklist, employee training tracker, employee directory or a storyboard to chalk out your processes. The 5 great ways to manage your HR processes are templates that you can use and adapt to quick-start your HR workflows. Here they are:

Applicant Tracker

The Applicant tracker template doubles as your ATS. Instead of all that high-end Applicant Tracking Software, you simply use the applicant tracker template to manage your openings and their status on a single platform. With this applicant tracker you can:

  • Keep track of your applicants/candidates (including which applicant applied for which opening)
  • Know the status of the candidate/opening/interview easily and track the performance of the candidate
  • Easily allocate and track the interviewer
  • Store resumes of the candidates in the stack or template so that it is easy to retrieve as needed

Employee Onboarding Template

The Employee Onboarding Template helps you keep track of every employee onboarding on your list. No matter how prepared you are with employee onboarding or how many times you have on-boarded a new employee, things can be missed out and the situation can turn stressful. With the employee onboarding template you can:

  • Keep track of all new joinees (of course, that’s expected right:)
  • Make a checklist of the step-by-step procedure and ensure each one is taken care of during the process
  • Ensure that the right and complete set of company resources have been shared with the new employees

Employee Training Management Template

The Employee Training Management Template helps HR departments oversee training requirements and management. It helps you:

  • Keep track training sessions for employees of your organizations -- manage everything from training subject to employees to resources needed for the training
  • Track and manage each team member in charge of the training and allocate subjects accordingly
  • Keep an eye on the training feedback and value provided by each trainer

Employee Directory Template

Irrespective of the size of your team, the Employee Directory Template helps you maintain data related to your employees in your payroll. With this template you can:

  • Track all employee details from name and address to joining dates to appraisal dates to vital data like blood group and allergies for emergencies easily

Agency Talent Management

The Agency Talent Management template is not exactly something for a regular organization. But if you are an agency or a staffing/placement company that manages talent, this template can help you:

  • Manage your candidate and client database on a single platform (use it as a database or a CRM)
  • Keep track of your projects and the hiring status for each of your projects
  • Keep track of your CRM team and allocate them hiring projects -- all on a single platform

This is just the start; there’s more. You can create application forms for both external and internal candidates or a job requisition form for your departments on Stackby. Use it to create a company knowledge base stack. Add in information about your policies, appraisals, have your team apply for leaves and time-offs here. If you have a combined HR and Admin Department, you can also use it to keep track of everything from your administration related stocks to housekeeping on Stackby. The possibilities are endless and Stackby.com a blank canvas for your to create your workflow and data management tools the way you want.

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