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Agency Talent Management Template

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Agency Talent Management Template
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In a marketplace that is increasingly becoming employee-centric, finding, recruiting, and retaining the best talent has become essential for any company or agency. Regardless of the size, nature, and scope of the business you run, your employees are the building blocks of your organization.

The goals and objectives of any company are fulfilled because of the combined effort of everyone involved. A talent management template can prove to be quite useful for any talent management agency and help increase productivity. 

What is talent management?

Talent management is the systemic and well-defined process of identifying the vacant position in your company, finding and recruiting the most suitable and talented candidate, developing the skills and expertise of this employee to match the position, and retaining him for a long period, thereby reducing employee turnover.

Strategic and well-planned talent management can play a huge role in the accomplishment of the vision and mission of your company. It strengthens the organizational structure and gives you an edge over your competitors!

Usually, a lot of organizations turn to a talent management agency to help hire new talent or manage the existing ones! Won’t it be easier to do it all by yourself?

Looking for a software or template to help you manage the wide talent pool of your company? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Stackby has created an Agency Talent Management Template for this exact purpose. 

How can you use this Agency Talent Management Template to streamline and consolidate your talent management process?

Using this template, you will be able to:

  • Record the details of all your team members in one place.
  • Store the name of the team member and the corresponding talent category (Web Development/ Content Creation/ Sales Management/ PR Management/ Brand Management/ etc.). You can also record the current job title of each employee and change it as and when required.
  • Add the contact details of your team members to the template to facilitate smooth communication.
  • Record the date of availability for each team member.
  • Add the sample/ portfolio work of each member to the template. This will allow you to understand their talent and proficiency in a particular area.
  • Record the projects and the clients that have been assigned to each team member. You can also track the total number of each that has been allotted to a team member. Using this data, you can monitor the distribution of work in the team.
  • Record the name and contact details of all your current and potential customers. Check whether they are an existing client or not and the corresponding industry category (Media/ Finance/ Software/ Electronics/ Manufacturing/ Food/ etc.).
  • Add the current location of each customer and the projects assigned by them. You can also record the type of project.
  • Record the details of all customer’s projects and their current status (Agreement Not Signed/ Negotiation/ Agreement Signed/Proposal Sent).

This template is not specifically made for agencies but is built to adopt for any organization's talent management process. 

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