Best 5 HR Database Software for Recruitment Agency [2024]

Are you still looking best & free database software for employee recruitment? Check out below is free and paid software.

Best HR Database Software for Recruitment Agency
Best HR Database Software for Recruitment Agency

Being an HR is all about struggling with data, documents, onboarding, recruitment, and much more. But now it's easy to do all these with HR database software. From hiring to onboarding to performance management and payroll processing, everything can be managed perfectly with the software.

Rather than managing all this work manually, HRs can use database software to cut off their manual work and save time.

What is HR Database Software?

HR database software is a tool that helps HR streamline their work process from recruitment to payroll. The software meets all the business needs that are required by HR in a firm. The database software can be used to track a variety of information. It not only stores names or contact information but also offers a comprehensive solution for all professional needs.  

Features to Look for in HR Database Software

While choosing an HR database software you must look for certain features.

Feature of HR Database Software
Feature of HR Database Software

1. Employee Engagement

Choose a software that helps you update all the information related to employees. The software must have different columns for updating information such as employee name, contact number, photos, documents, and payroll. This will help you find any data easily whenever required.

2. Performance Review

The software must have sections for overall performance details so that it can be easily reviewed at the end of the month. The software must streamline the yearly review process to track the performance.

3. Payroll Processing

One of the most crucial aspects that HR needs to handle is payroll processing. Rather than managing it manually they can use the software and manage the data more efficiently. Therefore it is important to look for HR database software having features such as payroll processing and managing.

4. Recruitment & Onboarding

Software that handles all the data related to recruitment and onboarding is essential. Finding the right software that manages resumes, schedules, tracks the interviews, and candidate progress is all that an HR needs.

5. Time off Management

Along with all these features having one more that manages employee leaves is essential. Software that helps manage time and attendance features allows to view remaining time off helping managers to look at the schedules and approvals of leave.

Top 5 HR Database Software

1. Stackby - As a HR Database Management Software

Stackby - As a HR Database Management Software
Stackby - As a HR Database Management Software

Stackby offers more than 300+ pre-built database templates that can be used by any business for their work needs. Stackby offers user-friendly database templates that can be used to make your management process easy, and help in performance reviews and time-off tracking. With its intuitive interface and customizable features.

With Stackby’s mobile application, you can manage your work from anywhere and anytime. Isn’t it the best feature you can look for in software? The templates offer systematic processes for various HR activities, projects, and tasks within your organization. It helps ensure that everything is delivered on time and yet every resource is utilized efficiently.


  • Manage databases and automation in a no-code platform
  • The platform allows users to create relational databases with a spreadsheet-style interface.
  • Easily organize, build, and manage all your data on this flexible platform
  • View your template in different views like grid, Kanban or calendar
  • Create columns in different categories to suit your business needs.
  • Give you options like aggregation and collaboration for easy access.


  • Free Forever Plan
  • Personal Plan: $5 / Per Month / Per Seat
  • Economy Plan: $9 / Per Month / Per Sear
  • Business Plan: $18 / Per Month / Per Seat
  • Enterprise: Contact for custom enterprise plans

2. Deel - Database Software for Global Workforce

Deel - Database Software for Global Workforce
Deel - Database Software for Global Workforce

Deel is a global workforce software helping companies to expand globally at unmatched speed, flexibility, and compliance. The software simplifies HR processes such as handling global payroll, client payments, and tax compliance.

It can be a game changer for all your HR needs. From onboarding to offboarding and everything else in between Deel helps you manage all things efficiently.


  • Consolidate all your HR operations in one place
  • Drive team success with performance tools
  • Get easy monthly insights into your employees
  • Easily determine employee classification with Deel


  • Deel HR: Free up to 200 people
  • Contractors: $49/month
  • Global Payroll: Get custom quote
  • Immigration: Get custom quote
  • EOR: $599/month

3. Breezy - Software for your Recruitment Process

Breezy - Software for your Recruitment Process
Breezy - Software for your Recruitment Process

As an HR the most difficult task is to recruit. The software makes the recruitment process easier and improves your candidate searching experience. The interface helps you manage job postings, reach high-quality candidates, and easily collaborate with hiring teams. The software helps you focus on hiring rather than focusing on any repetitive tasks.

With the help of Breezy, you can turn great candidates into employees and don’t need to manually search for employees. The software even has a mobile application that helps you access everything in one place. It has all the integrations that you need.


  • Find and hire employees easily
  • Advertise and attract the candidates for your recruitment
  • Customize simple and engaging career sites for your company
  • Focus on hiring and reducing repetitive task


  • Free Forever
  • Startup: $83/month
  • Growth: $129/month
  • Business: $249/month

4. Kallidus - HR Software for Customization

Kallidus - Software for Customization
Kallidus - Software for Customization

HRs can find and develop top talents for their business needs at Kallidus. You can develop high-performing teams. Automate all your HR processes with customizable software to connect with people, data, and tools from onboarding to offboarding and other efficient processes.

Forget manual tasks and clunky processes related to employees and try Kallidus to improve compliance and standardize your communication that is designed for scaling businesses.


  • Supports the entire employee lifecycle from recruiting to upskilling
  • Modernize your recruitment process to attract top talent
  • Automate all your existing workflows
  • Standardize your communication


  • Customize your  pricing

5. Trinet - HR Software for Employee Onboarding

Trinet - Software for Employee Onboarding
Trinet - Software for Employee Onboarding

Trinet provides an HR solution for your business. It even helps you get all the HR support that your business needs for a streamlined workflow. It elevates all the business needs required at the time of onboarding employees. This cloud-based software best works as an HR service for small and medium-sized businesses.

It helps streamline payroll management, and benefits administration, tracks time and attendance, and helps manage various HR tasks efficiently.


  • Optimize HR process with ease
  • Create an excellent employee culture with Trinet
  • Stay compliance with all the works such as payroll, attendance, and more
  • Smooth employee onboarding and recruitment process


  • Essentials: $10 monthly or $8 annual
  • Growth: $20/monthly or $16 annual
  • Zen: $33/monthly or $27 annual

Conclusion - Choosing Free HR Database Software for Your Team Management

Choosing free HR database software can make your workflow easier and more efficient. Stackby is an ideal solution for HR departments as it allows easy tracking and management suitable for all business sizes. Stackby’s automation feature saves HR professionals time and effort by automating repetitive tasks. It offers a wide variety of pre-built templates that fulfill not only HR needs but also other business requirements.

Streamline your HR processes with Stackby.

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