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Training and Placement Management Template

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The training and placement records of your college are the first thing that potential students check before they decide to apply for your courses. Parents judge any college in terms of the placements that have been offered to its students throughout the years. So, to ensure that students enrol in your institute, you must have an impeccable student training and placement program! Moreover, keeping detailed records of the program is just as important. That’s where Stackby’s Training and Placement Management Template can help you out. 

Teaching your students is just one part of the process. The other vital half is training them for the real world with actual practical experience. Regular training and internship programs with reputed companies serve this purpose!

Internship programs allow students to realise their potential and assist them in setting and shaping their career goals. Interning with different companies will give your students first-hand experience and an understanding of what they’re signing up for after graduating college. The four walls of a classroom are only capable of providing limited exposure.

If you want your graduating batch to be well equipped with all the tools they need to excel and lead a successful professional life, training and internships are your answer. The next step after training is placement. Students work hard for the entire duration of the course to ensure that they get the best placements after graduating college.

Considering the importance of training and placement, every institution needs to keep meticulous records of their programs in real-time. With different departments and multiple companies coming for internship programs and placements, keeping track of everything may prove to be difficult. Stackby’s Training and Placement Management template makes this process as simple as possible. 

Stackby’s Training and Placement Template is a one-stop solution to ensure your success and that of your students! Now you can keep track of all the student programs, internships, and conduct placement management in one place. Using Stackby’s Training and Placement Management Template, you can:

  • Record the details of students that have signed up for different programs.
  • Assign a guide to each student to assist them through the entire process.
  • Track the start date and end date of each internship/ training program.
  • Record the duration of each training program.
  • Store details of all the companies that have offered internships and placement to students at your institute. 
  • Keep track of the total number of students placed in each company. 
  • Record details of each guide (Total number of interns and companies assigned to each guide).
  • Track the status of each training and placement program and upload weekly reports.
  • Monitor and continuously update every detail.

With an easy-to-use and simplified interface, Stackby’s Training and Placement Management Template lets you check your student’s progress and internship status in one place!