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Class Resources Template

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Class Resources Template
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Managing a class is a very hectic task, let alone managing all the resources you need. From books to articles, magazines, or any educational content, it is essential to keep track of all those class resources so that they are not overused or misplaced. This is where our Class Resource Template can be of help.

Quality education is the essence of teaching, and it comes from delivering well-prepared lessons. Preparing lesson plans and extra activities to enrich students always needs some backup. This backup is in the form of class resources that teachers use to explain the lessons more easily and understandably.

Managing class resources might become tough to handle as they are being used constantly. In this regard, Stackby’s Class Resource Template will come to your rescue. You can keep all the information about the class resources on one side and students on the other side with this worksheet template. The Class Resources Template helps you monitor the status of your resources as well as who is using them.

Why Should You Manage the Class Resources?

The class resources are a crucial part of the study plan. Apart from what is being taught in the classroom, the students also require extra help when it comes to academia to grab good grades. The resources must be fully managed, and information is being kept about them because:

  • It helps the class teacher or the head know which resources are being utilized, and if there is any need to get some more.
  • To know which student has what class resource with him/her at the moment.
  • To give students a sense of responsibility, they have to keep the resources well maintained in case of books or magazines when they return them.
  • To have all the information regarding the classroom resources at the tips of your fingers.

How Will Stackby’s Class Resources Template Help You?

Stackby’s Class Resources template comes with two sheets – Resources and students. In the resources worksheet template, you can easily check on all the available class resources present with you at the one and their status. You can also check:

  • Are they with you, or have you been assigned to any student?
  • What type of resource is it – Videos, Articles, Notes, etc.?
  • Has any student contributed to the class resource?
  • Who has this class resource with them presently?
  • Are there any extra details you need to be aware of?

Moving on to the student worksheet template, you can easily check which student has access to which resource they have used previously. You can also check if they have contributed to any of the class resources.

This stack is also customizable, which lets you add more categories according to your requirements. 

This worksheet template is an effective tool to organize and track the resources and knowledge about their whereabouts. This is also beneficial to know about the quantity of the resources needed to be purchased. Stackby’s Class Resources Template is all that you need to make the organizing of the classroom more effective.

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