The Year That Was - 2023: in Review

We're grateful for our users and community for helping us build Stackby to what it is! Read on our 2023 - Year in Review.

The Year That Was - 2023: in Review

2024 is here! In 2023, we’ve made a lot of progress and is by far one of the most challenging years at Stackby due to major product launches, user growth and meeting customer expectations.

We’re inching one step closer to become a no-code platform of choice for our users.

Let’s go over what we have achieved so far and what we’re grateful for.

Crossed a million databases created on Stackby

Thanks to you! We’ve crossed over 1M databases/workflows created on Stackby. We’ve improved our onboarding process - made creation of databases super easy via excel/csv/google sheet imports, copying a template from the template library or even creating forms (along with the attached table) with a single click.

We also created a new getting started sidebar once you create a blank stack and load any template with a single click to that stack or even remove the tables’ dummy content.

Our aim is to make sure the database/workflow creation is a breeze for our users, and making it relevant for their individual needs. If you have any feedback on this, we’d love to hear from you.

Launched Grouping Records in the Table & New View Sidebar

This was by far the most requested feature in Stackby for 100s of our users. And we’ve been at it since the last 1.5 years. After refactoring our grid and countless hours of development, we’ve finally launched Grouping Records.

With grouping, you can group your table’s records in groups or segments, move around your records between them, do visual reporting for your column summaries without needing a pivot table. Sounds helpful right? Do give it a try.

As a result of the refactoring, our grid performance also improved by 3x this year and we’re striving to make it better every single day.

Also, we launched a New View Sidebar to manage your growing number of views (in your tables) in Stackby. We are working on creating View Sections and will be launching very soon.

We also added a New Column Type - Time, that allows you to only add time (without the date) in your columns.

Launched Page Designer App in Apps Marketplace

With the launch of Page Designer App, new possibilities and use-cases on Stackby opened up significantly. Think of it as Photoshop for your records.

Now you can automatically create invoices, quotations, proposals, certificates, invitation cards and what not directly taking data from your tables with the Page Designer App.

Just select your layout, size and start dragging your column elements on the page, export it in PDF or even print with the right sizing. It creates custom pages for all your table’s records.

We’ve seen our users add over 5000 page designer apps to their stacks and create all sorts of the unique pages under the sun.

Launched 5 more apps in the Apps Marketplace

Along with the Page Designer App, we also launched interesting new apps in our Apps Marketplace.

  1. Global Search App: Use this app to search anything in your stack (multiple tables)
  2. Stack Schema: Visualize your database (stack) schema along with relationships within and across the tables.
  3. Embed: Embed Google Sheets, Slides, Notion Doc, Google Docs, Spotify Playlist, Loom videos and much more with this universal embed app.
  4. Time Tracker: Now track time on individual records (or tasks), select the collaborator and add it to the Duration column in your table.
  5. URL Preview: Open your content directly in the app just by clicking on the URL cell in your table. It could be a YouTube Video or a Google Doc.

We’ve interesting new apps planned for 2024 to make our Apps Marketplace as stronger as it gets. If you’re a third party developer and want to create custom apps on Stackby, please reach out to us. We’d love to hear from you.

We've achieved a lot in Stackby in 2023, and fundamentally worked on many improvements and new features. It's not easy to keep up with pace of the fast moving no-code industry and customer expectations, but I'm genuinely grateful for our users and teams to make Stackby to what it is today. 2024 is going to be a rock solid year for Stackby as a true no-code platform - Rachit Khator, Founder & CEO of

New Home Screen & Help Center

We also redesigned our home screen to allow for better layouts to manage your stacks - you can now see recently opened stacks, see the stacks in a two column layout or even in boxes.

Along with that, our significant launch was the newly designed help center that brings together all the features along with GIFs, videos, support articles and more. Now you can search for anything and the new help center will help you search across all our resources.

We’re continually adding more resources as we keep adding new features on the platform, so the discoverability becomes easy.

Redesigned Grid on Mobile Apps

We went back to the drawing board and redesigned how our mobile apps would do more with the screen space we get. We entirely redesigned the grid on mobile, where now rows (cards) would horizontally scroll along with the column names, insert column left-right or easily add summary to each of the columns.

We also redesigned the expanded row model, and made the UI more modern to cater to all the different column types.

We can safely say that Stackby mobile apps are better to use than opening mobile spreadsheets. If you have not installed already, go ahead and download it from here: Android & iOS.

We also made Stackby more powerful with new Powerups:

  • Table Permissions
  • New layouts in Single & Multiple Options Columns
  • Forms Powerups: Create forms like Typeform, customize your submit buttons or even password protect your updatable forms.

More interesting Powerups on the way: Column Permissions, Saving checklists and more.

We’ve also added over 150 new templates in the Template Gallery and updated a lot of new templates.

We created a few new template categories as well: Inventory, Forms and Page Designer.

Few notable templates include:

We also launched our first eBook - Upgrade from spreadsheets to Databases.  

20+ awards from G2, Capterra and GetApp

Thanks to you, our stackers!

We’ve been consistently awarded as a leader and high performer by G2 for multiple categories like Project Management, Task Management, No-code Development Platforms, Small Business Rapid Application Development.

We’ve also been awarded as a Category Leader by GetApp in multiple categories: Database, Marketing Planning, Kanban Tools and more.

Our aim for 2024 and beyond is to grow our community to new heights and make the Stackby platform popular. As a bootstrapped company, it’s only the users that make us successful and as we always said - We’re building for YOU!

So your support, referrals and feedback are much appreciated.

We cannot be more grateful for your support in helping us build Stackby and the community so far and we cannot wait for what’s coming in 2024 & beyond.