5 Essential Templates for Law Firms in 2024

If you're a law firm, you cannot miss these 5 essential templates to manage your cases, billing, team, documents, tasks and more.

5 Essential Templates for Law Firms in 2024

In the ever-evolving landscape of legal practice, law firms and legal teams are increasingly recognizing the need for streamlined work management to grapple with the challenge of managing a multitude of cases, clients, documents, bills, and teams, all while ensuring the security and confidentiality of sensitive data.

Over 80% of law firms, ranging from small practices to large corporate legal departments, have integrated some form of work management software into their daily operations.

With the upsurge of caseloads and demand for efficiency and client satisfaction, still relying on outdated methods like spreadsheets or manual processes to manage the data can only lead to inefficiencies, errors, and delays.

In this digital age, where information is paramount and time is of the essence, law firms must turn to work management software like Stackby to enhance productivity, collaboration, and client satisfaction.

A cloud-based no-code solution with robust database functionalities and a spreadsheet-style interface, Stackby empowers anyone to create their own custom workflows and automate them via third-party services.

Stackby offers pre-built templates for law firms and legal professionals that help them seamlessly manage their data, generate real-time insights, connect with third-party apps, create custom forms, and keep track of their teams and clients. By leveraging these templates, law firms and legal professionals can save time, reduce errors, and maintain a streamlined workflow.

Stackby's top templates for law firms in 2024

Stackby's Legal Case Management Template

Efficiently track and manage your cases from start to finish with Stackby's Legal Case Management template. This template provides a centralized repository for all case-related information, including client details, witness details, account details, billing, related documents, court dates, and case status. Collaborate with your team in real-time and ensure everyone is on the same page.

With Stackby's Kanban view, you can visualize the progress of your cases at a glance, making it easy to identify bottlenecks and prioritize tasks. Additionally, integrate third-party apps to automatically update case information and take advantage of apps like charts and pivot tables for quick data analysis. Create tables to manage different data and link the information together with link column type.

According to the recent survey, the global Legal Case Management Software Market is anticipated to be USD 5.9 billion by 2033 from 1.7 billion in 2023.
 Global Legal Case Management Software Market

Key features of legal case management template:

  • Store and update details of cases, clients, and teams.
  • Classify and categorize cases according to type, status, and team.
  • Assign tasks to the team, add comments, checklists, or reminders to keep it moving.
  • Manage expenses and billing details like billable hours and total amount.
  • Use custom forms to collect case-related data from clients.
  • Use the Calendar view to track case-related dates.
  • Store sensitive legal data, evidence, affidavits, and other important documents.
  • Use Customizable fields for specific matter details.
  • Generate bulk invoices using the page designer app.

No more juggling between cases, clients, deadlines, and documents! Manage all case-related details in a single place with this template.

Stackby's Legal Matter Management Template

Stay organized and keep track of all your legal matters with Stackby's Legal Matter Management template. Easily store and manage essential information on each legal matter such as case details, documents, deadlines, invoices, and related contacts and facilitate real-time collaboration among team members and stakeholders.

The template features a customizable grid view that allows you to sort and filter data according to your requirements. With Stackby's goal tracker app, you can set targets and track progress to achieve desired outcomes. Collaborate with your team and ensure smooth coordination by using the calendar view to schedule important dates and meetings. You can have version control on your data by limiting the access to the team members and clients to a particular view and permissions.

Key features of legal matter management template:

  • Track all legal matters in a single interface.
  • Store details of cases and parties involved.
  • Assign and track tasks and deadlines.
  • Store all documents and billing information.
  • Monitor case and billing status.
  • Gather client information via the client intake form.
  • Track hours spent on each matter via the time tracker app.

Whether you are a legal team, legal service providers, legal case managers, legal operations managers, administrative staff, etc., streamline and monitor your legal matter portfolios with this template.

Stackby's Legal Client Intake Form Template

Efficiently onboard new clients with Stackby's Legal Client Intake Form template. Simplify the intake process by creating custom forms to collect all the necessary information from your clients regarding themselves, their family, their legal matters, and any relevant documents. This ensures a smooth transition from initial contact to case commencement.

With Stackby's URL preview feature, you can easily view and access external documents or websites without leaving the platform. Additionally, use Stackby's summary app to generate aggregate data reports for a quick overview of your clients and their needs.

Key features:

  • Track all your old and new clients, their families, work, and contact details.
  • Collect case information, due dates, requirements, and current status.
  • Use grouping filter to keep the data managed.
  • Collect relevant documents.
  • Customize fields as per your needs to add all the necessary case information.

Whether you are an attorney, legal advisor, lawyer, advocate, or administrative staff, you can use this form template to set the right tone in front of your client by collecting the right information and thus showing reliability and professionalism.

4. Business Contract Management Template

Stackby's Business Contract Management Template

For law firms and legal teams handling a multitude of contracts, this template offers a centralized solution for effective contract management. Keep all your contracts in one place, complete with important details such as contract terms, parties involved, deadlines, and more.

The template's customizable grouping filter allows you to organize and sort contracts based on various parameters. With Stackby's time tracker app, you can easily track the time spent on contract negotiations, revisions, and approvals. This feature helps you manage deadlines effectively and ensure timely deliverables.

Key features of business contract management template:

  • Manage all contracts, agreements, deeds and more.
  • Store client and contract details.
  • Track signing date, revision date and expiration date with calendar view.
  • Automate renewal reminders.
  • Assign leads to revise and approve contracts.
  • Categorize contracts according to type, stage and more.

Streamline the entire lifecycle of contracts within a business or legal practice with Stackby’s Business Contract Management Template.

Stackby's Legal Case Analysis Template

Analyzing legal cases is a critical aspect of strategic decision-making for law firms. With Stackby's Legal Case Analysis template, take a deep dive into your cases by analyzing case data, including financials, evidence, issues, related people, organizations etc.

Use Stackby's charts app to create visual representations of your data, making it easy to identify trends, patterns, and crucial insights. The template's gallery view provides a visual representation of all your case-related documents and people involved. Collaborate with your team and add comments or reminders for smooth communication.

Key features legal case analysis template:

  • Store case summary and background details.
  • Analyze evidence and documents.
  • Track the summary of legal arguments, briefs and notes.
  • Store contact details of clients, witnesses and organization involved.
  • Track facts and issues separately in tables and link them.
  • Keep clients and team on the same page by addressing concerns and keeping them involved in each stage.
  • Get real-time reports and insights on cases and evidence.

Stackby’s Legal Case Analysis Template is a valuable asset for legal professionals seeking to navigate the complexities of legal cases and manage the data in a single interface.


Stackby's suite of customizable templates, combined with its user-friendly interface, offers lawyers, law firms and legal teams a comprehensive no-code database platform to streamline their processes and enhance productivity. With features like different views, power-ups, integration with third-party apps, real-time reporting, and automation, Stackby is the perfect tool for managing clients, cases, documents, and teams.

With Stackby, law firms can enhance collaboration, improve organization, and ultimately provide better services to their clients, making it an ideal choice for modern legal professionals.

Sign up for free and take advantage of Stackby's 14-day business trial to experience the future of legal workflow management firsthand.