Best Case Management Software for Lawyers - 2024 Reviews and Pricing

If you are looking for the best case management software, this blog will help you out. Here, we are listing the best 11 case management software for lawyers and legal firms to streamline their workflows.

Best Case Management Software for Lawyers - 2024 Reviews and Pricing

Technology has found its place in our lives. Almost every industry today is leveraging technology for its benefit. So why should the legal industry stay behind? Using software for managing legal matters and cases benefits lawyers in many ways.

In a recent survey of 400 small and solo firm lawyers, it was found that 74% of them were spending too much time on administrative tasks instead of practicing law. Not only this, 30% of them plan to increase their investment in technology and infrastructure.

A legal case management system or software is a tool that helps law firms, attorneys, legal advisors, lawyers, and advocates in keeping a track of their cases, teams, legal matters, documents, contracts, billings, and revenue. If you are in a dilemma about whether you should find the best case management software, consider the following reasons:

  • If you often miss case deadlines or complain about misplaced papers, lost documents, and messy desks, you need a robust legal case management software that can help you stay organized.
  • Are you tracking all your bills & cash flows correctly? Most law firms make many investments in marketing and other related expenses but do not receive the expected ROI. A legal case management system can help you find the loopholes in the process.
  • Sometimes law firms face difficulties in tracking the leads. You must take care of your potential clients and handle all the leads otherwise you might miss many cases.
  • There could be a chance that you cannot work from your office. At such times, a need to access your legal documents and files from anywhere arises which can only be satisfied with a case management software.

Now that we are clear about why you must look for the best case management software for your legal business, I would like to share some of the main features to look for in a case management system.

1 Scalability

Every business expects growth. So the legal case management system software that you choose must be compatible with the size and scope of your business. It should be capable of storing large amounts of data and should easily grow with your business.

2 Security

This is one of the most important aspects of case management software for lawyers. Since you will be storing your legal documents, invoices, and case details in this software, it should provide you with utter security and confidentiality. You must be able to password-protect and secure your data.

3 Easy to use and maintain

A simple user interface, basic yet wide range of functionality, and easy-to-use features are what we need in a legal case management system software. One must be able to upload files easily on the software, assign tasks, roles and access it whenever they want.

4 Collaboration and integration

This tool should serve as a centralized case management system for your whole team. It should include features like real-time sharing, reporting, and editing. It should also integrate with other applications like Google Calendar, Gmail, etc. to make your workflow process even smoother. The case management software should provide you with the ability to automate mundane tasks.

5 Document management

This is again an important feature that we look for in case management system software. Documents are an integral part of every case and they should be managed easily using the case management tool. This way you can keep all your documents in one place and access them whenever you want.

Top case management software for lawyers in 2024

1. Stackby

Stackby is a spreadsheet-like, no-code, database system that can help lawyers manage and track their cases. It brings the robustness of a database management system and functionalities of spreadsheets together so that anyone can build their own workflows and organize their business. 100s of law firms globally are using the platform to manage their legal processes.

Top Features:

  • Built for non-techies: You do not need to learn how to code to work on Stackby. It is easy to use and accessible. We also have provided pre-built legal case management templates that will help you start right away.
  • Flexible case management software: Stackby provides more than 25+ column types like Long Text, Collaborators, Dropdowns, Attachments, Link, Lookup, Aggregation, API, Push Message, etc. that help you create your legal case management system the way you want.
  • Case matter visualization: Use our Kanban, Calendar, Grid, Gallery, or Forms layouts to visualize your case matters and details easily. You can also add custom filters such as sorting, color coding, etc.
  • Real-time collaboration: Stackby provides easy, real-time collaboration where your whole team can work on one case together on one platform. They can send notifications to each other, and share reports and files with each other to keep the process going.
  • Integration and automation: You can integrate your legal case management software with many third-party applications like Google Calendar, Gmail, Google Translate, and more. Integrate with workflow automation software like Zapier and Integromat and you can connect with more than 2000 apps.

Legal Management Templates

Stackby provides free legal management templates that can help lawyers and law firms streamline their workflow process easily.

  • Legal Case Management Template: Manage accounts and enhance your firm’s revenue and productivity with our Legal Case Management Template. This template helps you track all the ongoing and upcoming cases from a single interface along with client details.
Legal Case Management Template
  • Legal Case Tracking and Billing Template: This template allows you to automate and manage all the correspondence relating to a case throughout its life cycle, including notes, case briefs, starting date, status, documentation, billings, and much more.
Legal Case Tracking and Billing Template
  • Legal Matter Management Template: Legal matter management or matter management template involves the various activities that surround a corporate legal practice. For example, litigation, contracts, transactions, claims, legal research, etc. This template includes different tables to store and organize your data for clients, documentation and billings for legal matters.
Legal Matter Management Template
  • Legal Client Intake Form Template: Put your best foot forward with new clients using our legal client intake form. This template helps you to store and manage important client information for future use in just a few clicks.
Legal Client Intake Form Template

Pricing: Stackby is available for free! However, if you want to access complete features, you have to buy a paid plan. Currently, we are offering an exclusive limited-time offer where you can bag a discounted annual deal at a fixed price renewal forever. Starts at $99/annual for 3 users in your team and scale as you grow.

2. Clio

Clio is a legal software for clients, cases, billing, and more. With this legal case management software, you can streamline client intake, case management, and billing and payments.

Top Features:

  • Client review: You can schedule meetings and take payments using Clio. You can filter out the most important clients and quickly identify duplicate clients.
  • Automate client intake: Reduce costs, increase confidence and automate the entire client intake process.
  • Organize cases: You can link every person, appointment, email, and document to the correct matter.

Pricing: This case management software for lawyers offers a free trial but eventually you need to buy a paid plan to keep using Clio. Their paid plans start from $39 per user per month.

3. MyCase

An all-in-one case management software for unparalleled productivity, MyCase is another gem on the list of the best case management software. This tool helps you streamline your firm’s billing and provides a complete case management solution.

Top Features:

  • Case management: It provides a centralized system, document storage, calendaring, streamlined processes, and status reports.
  • Billing cycle: Track and collect payments easily with MyCase legal case management software for lawyers.
  • Payments: Create a modern experience for your clients by using the convenient MyCase payments system.
  • Lead management: It helps you track, convert and manage leads or prospective clients in your business.
  • Communication: You can reach out to your clients and easily collaborate with them.

Pricing: You can start a free trial for 10 days. After that, you need to choose a paid plan starting from $39 per user per month.

4. Smokeball

Smokeball is a tool that helps you stay organized, increase your billings, get more clients and streamline your workflows in minutes. This is why it is one of the considerable case management software you will come across.

Top Features:

  • Time tracking: Find value in your work by tracking time automatically.
  • Legal forms library: With a library of more than 17,000 automated legal forms across all areas of law, your work gets a lot easier.
  • Insights about Law firms: Track your team’s activities and time and get an accurate view of how your firm is performing.
  • Legal calendaring: Never miss any deadline as it provides a legal calendar with convenient views by week, work week, month, and timeline.

Pricing: This case management system software cost starts from $29 per month per user. You can pay annually or buy a three-year plan.

5. Trial Works

Trial Works is on our list of the best case management software because it claims to be the most trusted amongst lawyers. It has a robust feature set. It is reliable and includes in-depth functionality that you can rely upon.

Top Features:

  • Track emails: Use the Microsoft Outlook plugin to track your emails.
  • Document generation & management: Create and manage all your documents from a centralized place.
  • Effortless case intake: Find new clients, study cases, and ensure complete productivity.

Pricing: You have to request the pricing details from the Trial Works team.

6. Zola Suite

Zola Suite provides the best-in-class matter and email management, sophisticated billing, and accounting and is known to be the most robust reporting legal case management software.

Top Features:

  • Matter management: It lets you organize your legal notes, track communications, and provide access to documents.
  • CRM: You can manage leads, track referrals, get leads submitted directly from your website, and share intake forms with prospects.
  • Settlement management: You can track firm and third-party expenses, manage settlement allocations and generate settlement memos and value reports.

Pricing: The paid plans start from $59 per month per user. It also offers a free 10-day trial.

7. CASEpeer

CASEpeer is the best legal management software for personal injury law firms. With this tool, you can streamline your firm’s operations and create a centralized case management hub.

Top Features:

  • Case management: Track a successful personal injury case, analyze your team’s productivity, sync to your favorite calendar, and manage all your legal documents in one place.
  • Client management: From client intake to settlement, CASEpeer helps in everything. It provides in-app text messaging and e-signatures.
  • Practice management: It offers integrated reporting, marketing, and accounting hubs paired with scalable automation.

Pricing: It provides fixed pricing of $89 per user, per month.

8. FileVine

The next best case management software on our list is FileVine. It is an enterprise-grade case management software that works according to your law firm’s requirements.

Top Features:

  • Contract lifecycle management: Generate contracts, collaborate in real-time, and track data at every point simultaneously.
  • Document management: It provides convenient editing and collaboration tools, robust organization and search capabilities, and unlimited storage.
  • Business analysis: It provides you insights based on your data so that you can make informed decisions on hiring, caseloads, staff performance, and firm success.

Pricing: You have to get the quote from the FileVine team.

9. ArkCase

Here’s our last recommendation for another case management software in 2022, ArkCase. It is a case management productivity software that helps you customize and automate end-to-end case management activities so that you can respond on time, and not lose documents or miss deadlines.

Top Features:

  • Platform-agnostic case management: You can use this legal case management software as either a fully on-premise solution, hybrid solution, or cloud-based solution.
  • Security: It offers FedRAMP, HIPAA, HITECH, and other security controls.
  • Integration: You can sync calendars, directory services, email, ECM, and CRM.

Pricing: You can use this case management system software for free and access many of its features. However, for full access to its features, you have to buy a paid plan starting from $60 per user per month.

That was our list of the best case management software for 2022. You know their best features and pricing details. Now, the choice is up to you. You must start finalizing your goals and understand what you expect from a case management system. You must ensure that the software that you choose must comply with your business requirements. Getting a free demo of a few products will also give you a better idea of their interfaces and usage abilities.

Stackby is offering everything you require for legal case management at no cost. It includes competitive features and provides the security and robustness a legal case management software would need. You can sign up for Stackby for free here and start streamlining your legal case management workflows right away.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is case management software?

A legal case management system or software is a tool that helps law firms, attorneys, legal advisors, lawyers, and advocates in keeping a track of their cases, teams, legal matters, documents, contracts, billings, and revenue.

2. What are the different types of case management system software?

Different case management system software includes legal matter management, legal client intake management, legal case management, legal document management, legal calendar management, legal settlement management, and so on.

3. What are the top features of legal case management software?

Legal case management should be scalable, robust, secure, easy to use and maintain. It should allow real-time collaboration and integration along with document management.

4. Can Stackby be used as a case management software?

Yes, you can use Stackby. It has a range of pre-built legal templates: legal case management, legal case tracking, legal matter management, legal client intake management etc. to start with and customize according to your needs.