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Legal Case Tracking and Billing Template

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Legal Case Tracking and Billing Template
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Are you still using spreadsheets, post-it notes, or logbooks to keep a record of your cases? As technology is improvising at a fast rate, so should our attorneys. Stackby is here with a template to help all lawyers, legal firms, and their clients in keeping a track of their cases, billing information, documents, and much more. 

Why must lawyers track their cases with legal case tracking and billing software?

  1. Manage multiple cases simultaneously: No matter which law specialization you hold, the key to the success of your professional career is organization and management. You might be holding multiple cases at times, each of which has its specifications, requirements, and legal documentation. To avoid getting confused between different clients and cases, you must use our legal case tracking and billing template. 
  2. A paperless, codeless tracking system: With this template, you can stay on top of all your cases and earnings. And, the best part is that you do not need to write even a single line of code. We are giving you a pre-built, easy-to-use, spreadsheet-like database that you can modify, automate and use as per your convenience and requirements. 
  3. Complete control of your data: With Stackby, your data stays safe and secure. You can share your legal case and billing tracker with your team or clients as and when convenient. You can password-protect important Views, restrict sharing of views by email domain, remove redundancy and do much more to manage and secure your data. 
  4. Better informed clients: Stackby legal case tracking and billing template lets you share all the required invoices and billing information with your clients safely. Clients can view the information related to their cases any time at their convenience. 

Who can use Stackby’s legal case tracking and billing template?

Our legal case tracking and billing template are created especially for law firms, attorneys, legal advisors, lawyers, and advocates. They can share this tracker with their team(s), the client(s), or any authorized third parties. 

How will Stackby’s legal case tracking and billing template help you?

This template includes four different tables that will help you manage and monitor your cases, teams, contacts, and billings, all in one place! Here’s what you can do by using this template:

  • Track all your cases and assign them a unique case ID for easy reference 
  • Check the status of each case (Processing, Disputed, Undisputed, Closed, etc)
  • Track the type of cases you are handling (Personal, Civil, Personal Injury, etc)
  • Attach case briefs with every case 
  • Track the date when the case started and closed
  • Manage contacts related to each case 
  • Monitor which team is working on which case and how many cases
  • Record the billing amount for every team as per a billing rate 
  • Monitor the number of hours your staff has worked on each case 
  • Monitor how many cases are closed and by which team
  • Keep a record of all your contacts and the cases they are related to (Judge, Supporter, Opposing Member, etc)

Legal case tracking and billing tool by Stackby enables you to automate and manage all the correspondence relating to a case throughout its life cycle, including notes, case briefs, starting date, status, documentations, billings, and much more. This tool not only drives you and your law firm to maximum productivity but also makes legal case management & billings much easier.

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