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Investment Tracker Template

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Investment Tracker Template
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An Investment Tracker is used to track either the investments made by your company or just your investments accurately. An Investment Tracker spreadsheet shows you all of your purchases, your return on investments, and dividends earned on your investments. Investment tracker templates also make it easy for you to manage your investments in real-time as well! Therefore, Stackby’s Investment Tracker Template is the perfect tool to add to your financial planning infrastructure.

What is an Investment Tracker Template?

An Investment Tracker spreadsheet is probably the easiest way to keep track of your investments and also to assist you in planning and dividing your savings and use it efficiently in your investments. You can also track the performance of all investments in one place.

Using an Investment tracker template, you can allocate your resources in the best possible manner; since all your investments are in a single place, you know which of your investments are performing well. Hence it would be easier for you to allocate your resources to more successful investments.

Why do you need an Investment Tracker Template?

Investment Tracker is useful for you to make informed financial decisions. Since you know all your investments and how well each one of your investments is doing, you could start your new investments or re-allocate your earnings to the investments that are doing well.

You also don't need a lot of technical knowledge to perform calculations; the investment tracker performs all the calculations automatically for you. By using the investment tracker, you can keep track of international investments as well.

Also, since all the calculations are done automatically, the scope of errors and inaccuracy is close to none. Another benefit of using an investment tracker is that all the information is very organized, making going through information an easy process. This information can also be easily sent to others online.

Who is this template for?

This template is useful for anyone who has many investments and needs a tool to manage all of them with relative ease.

How will Stackby’s Investment Tracker Template help you?

Our Investment Template is easy to use, simple and minimalistic. As soon as you open our template, you will see a detailed overview of all your investments and holdings of all the various companies you have invested in so far.

The portfolio view window elaborately shows all the details, making sure you have all the required information. Starting with the company name, IPO, and the category of investment they are. This is a quick view of all the investments you have made so far.

The rest of the template is for more in-depth information. For Example – Are you earning profit or going in loss? Net profit or loss from each investment? Share in each company's portfolio, Price per share, total value, and the total amount invested.

All this information helps you be up to date with all your investments in an easy-to-view and accessible manner. All our templates have the mathematical formulas incorporated in them. You just need to input the values, and you'll have all the information compiled in an organized manner.  

The portfolio window also presents you the same amount of information, but each investment is listed separately, and information is viewed according to which investment you wish to view.

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