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Personal Budget Template

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Personal Budget Template
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Stackby brings a personal budget template for everyone. We know how seeing our paychecks make us feel like saving all our money for something big. But then, life happens. We are bound to spend our hard-earned money on different things we need (sometimes, on the things we want!). 

A personal budget planner template helps you plan and track your spendings every month so that you can manage your cash flow and extend your savings. 

  • Plan your savings: At the beginning of every month, you can set aside a budget for your monthly expenses. 
  • Track your income: How much are you earning every month? Keep a track of everything in one place and plan your budget. 
  • Track your expenses: How much are you spending and on what? Keep a track on your monthly expenses to keep a budget. 
  • Refine your plan: If you think things are getting out of control, revise your plan and make sure you do better the next month. Jot down all your insights that can help you improve your savings. 

How to use Stackby’s Personal Budget Template? 

Step 1: Note your net income - To create a personal budget, you must know how much money is coming in. This net income is the total money that you receive every month in hand. 

Step 2: Track your spendings - Start by listing all your fixed expenses such as rent or other fixed payments. Then track your variable expenses like groceries, bills, etc. 

Step 3: Set goals - Now that you know how much money you are earning and how much money you need for expenses, you can set goals for your monthly savings. 

Step 4: Plan - Decide how you will achieve those goals. For example, some people use the 60-20-20 rule where they spend 60% of their earnings, save 20% in their bank account and another 20% as an emergency fund. 

Step 5: Find where to cut down expenses - Once you have the monthly list of your expenses, take note of where you can cut down and save more. This needs to be especially if you are not able to meet your financial goals. 

Step 6: Keep tracking - A personal budget is of now use if you are not using it to keep a track of your income and expenses. Update your budget every week, track down every single expense for a better visualization of your cash flow. 

Who can use the Personal Budget Template?

Stackby’s personal budget template is useful for everyone whether you are a student, a solopreneur or a working professional. Anyone can use this template to keep a check on their monthly and yearly budget. 

What are the main features of Stackby’s Personal Budget Template?

Stackby’s personal budget template is the right finance tracker that you need to use to get a real picture of your finances. This tool will help you improve your spending habits and make progress towards achieving your financial goals. With this template you can:

  1. Track your monthly budget
  2. Track your actual income for every month
  3. Track the actual expenses for every month 
  4. Find savings made in every month 
  5. Keep a list of all your monthly expenses (cost, type, month)
  6. Keep a list of all your monthly incomes (income, type, month)

You can further customize this template as per your personal budget requirements. You can add more columns to create a detailed budget. You can visualize your budget in the form of a grid, calendar or kanban style and get a better idea of your spendings. 

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