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Legal Case Management Template

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Are you running a legal aid clinic or a corporate law firm? Are you practicing criminal law or managing civil legal issues? Then Stackby’s Legal Case Management Template will be a worthwhile addition to your arsenal. 

Regardless of the nature of law, you are currently practicing, the key to success is proper organization and management. Law firms manage multiple cases and clients at the same time. They are responsible for sensitive legal data, evidence, and affidavits that have to be recorded and managed carefully.

Are you looking for a tool that will help you stay one step ahead of everything and everyone? Well, your search is over! With Stackby’s Legal Case Management Template, you can manage legal cases and clients all in one place. 

Analyzing and managing cases and clients can be a cumbersome process. To make your job easier and enhance your law firm’s productivity, Stackby has developed a state-of-the-art Legal Case Management Template. 

With this case management template, you will be able to:

  • Track all of the firm’s ongoing and upcoming cases from a single interface.
  • Assign a case ID to each case and monitor the corresponding start date of the case.
  • Monitor the current status of the particular case (Disputed/ Undisputed). You can also record the category/ type each case belongs to (Civil/ Property/ Criminal/ Estate Administration).
  •  Assign a lead to each case and record the name of your team members.
  • You can also add a description to each case to help your team members.
  • Record the name of the client associated with each case.
  • Attach all relevant case documents to the template for the reference of your team members.
  • Record the name of all your client contacts. This contact can be a judge, the defense counsel, or a potential witness.
  • Track all the current accounts of your law firm. You can also record the total rate and the total amount billed to a particular account.
  • Record the name and relevant details of each member of the team. You can record their current role (Lawyer/ Legal Secretary/ Paralegal/ Bookkeeper/ Record Clerk) and attach their current photo.
  • Store their contact details to avoid any communication gap.
  • Track the number of cases assigned to each employee to ensure that the responsibility is divided equally.
  • Keep track of the total number of hours devoted by a team member. You can also record their billing rate and total earnings to date.
  • Monitor and update the details as and when required.

Manage your accounts and enhance your firm’s revenue and productivity with our Legal Case Management Template! Copy the stack today and organize all your legal cases easily. Delivery quality legal services with the Legal Case Management template.