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Legal Case Management Template

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Legal Case Management Template
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Are you running a legal aid clinic or a corporate law firm? Are you practicing criminal law or managing civil legal issues? Then Stackby’s Legal Case Management Template will be a worthwhile addition to your arsenal.

Regardless of the nature of law, you are currently practicing, the key to success is proper organization and management. Law firms manage multiple cases and clients at the same time. They are responsible for sensitive legal data, evidence, and affidavits that have to be recorded and managed carefully. A legal case management template will help you manage everything in one place . It will make the cumbersome process of analyzing and managing legal cases and clients much easier for you.

What is Legal Case Management?

Legal case management is a process to manage litigation and non-litigation from beginning to end. The major components of a legal case management system are data collection, contacts, and storage of case-related documents. It also includes administrative tasks as well as legal tasks that must be performed in order to complete legal matters.

Overview of Stackby’s Legal Case Management Template

Stackby’s litigation management template, also known as legal case management template includes 5 different tables that help you manage all your legal case related data in one place.

Cases: This table includes the details of various cases on which you or your firm are working upon. It includes details like:

  • Case name
  • Case start date
  • Case ID
  • Case type (civil, estate administration, property, etc.)
  • Case status (disputed, undisputed, etc.)
  • Description
  • Case accounts
  • Case team
  • Documents
  • Case clients

Contacts: This table includes the details of clients’ contacts. For example, their account name and type (client, primary witness, defense counsel, witness, judge, etc.) Here you can store all the contact information of people who are directly or indirectly related to your cases.

Clients: This table includes the details of clients of your case. You may notice that this table includes only references from the other 4 tables, that is, accounts, cases, teams, and contacts.

Accounts: This table includes the details of all your litigation accounts, the cases associated with them, teams, contacts, billing rates, total billing, etc.

Team: The last table includes details about your team members like paralegals, lawyers, legal secretary, bookkeepers, record clerks, legal secretary, etc. You can save their contact number, email, billing, client, and cases in this table.

Other features of our legal case management template:

Who can Use Legal Case Management Template?

Stackby’s legal case plan template can be used by law firms, attorneys, legal advisors, lawyers, and advocates. They can share this tracker with their team(s), the client(s), or any authorized third parties.

How to Customize Legal Case Management Template for Your Business?

  • Copy our free legal case management template to your Workspace and start tracking data on your fingertips.
  • Add your team members to collaborate with you on the legal case management system.
  • Add case details for every case you are working on.
  • Upload all the necessary case documents like motions, trial transcripts, and evidence.
  • Customize the legal case management template based on per hour billing rates for every account and calculate the total billings.
  • Share the case requirements form with your clients and collect data automatically in the cases table once a client submits the form.

Proper organization and management is a must for every law firm. A case management template can help you create your own system and prevent you from juggling cases, clients and deadlines continuously. Use our free legal case management today!

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