Stackby Year in Review: How Stackby Changed in 2021

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Stackby Year in Review: How Stackby Changed in 2021

2021 is here! So, we decided to take a look back and share with you all how Stackby changed in 2021. Stackby released more than 20 updates in 2021. From enhancing the user experience and synchronizing data, to new security features, we came a long way.

Let us see all the ways Stackby changed in 2021 for the good.

21 Updates in Stackby in 2021
  1. Launch of Stackby Powerups
  2. New Integrations
  3. Redesigned Mobile Apps and Desktop Apps
  4. Launch of Stackby One
  5. Some interesting features introduced in 2021
  6. Some more features to empower your workflows
  7. Some Accolades Embraced Our Journey!

Launch of Stackby Powerups

In 2021, Stackby introduced Stackby Powerups. These are some exciting features and tools that can help you restore, import, manipulate, transform, or automate your data in the amazing ways possible. These include the following:

#1 New Ways to Import Data

Stackby introduced a new way to import data directly from Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel to your Stack. Now you can easily convert your spreadsheets into a powerful database in just a few clicks!

If you missed this update, here are step-by-step video tutorials for you!

Import Data to Stackby using Google Sheets 
import Data to Stackby using Microsoft Excel 

#2 Append Data in An Existing Table

Exchanging data between different applications? In 2021, Stackby introduced an easy way to append data in an existing table using a CSV file. Just select the file you want to append and map the columns to your table.

Here’s a short video that explains it all.

Append CSV File to Stack

#3 Empowering Stackby Views

The next few updates are dedicated to Stackby Views. A view in Stackby is a subset of your database that represents some specific information. Stackby provides different view options so that users can visualize their data in a better way.

We have Grid View, Calendar View, Kanban View, Gallery View, Forms, and Updatable Forms to help you organize data in multiple ways.

Different Views in Stackby 

In 2021, we bought a few important updates in Stackby views which were:

Locked Views

Now, you can lock the configuration of your view and prevent your team members from changing its height, columns, filters, colors, or sort. Keep your view organization intact in just one click!

How to Lock a View in Stackby 

View Access

Stackby understands how important your data can be. So we have introduced two ways to restrict view access in 2021. One is by password-protecting your views so that only authorized users can view your data.

The other is restricting your view access using an email domain. This means only users with a particular domain can access your views. This way you can protect your data from being accessed by an outsider accidentally.

How to Restrict View Sharing by Email Domain 

Deduplication or Removing Duplicates from a Table

We know handling data for a business is not a simple task. Data redundancy may occur at any stage and affect your reporting. So, Stackby introduced an easy way to remove duplicates from your tables, also known as Deduplication or Dedupe! Now you can remove redundant data from your Stack or merge duplicates easily.  

How to Remove Redundant Data in Stack 

New Integrations

API Connectors: New column level API connectors added to bring relevant data right into your tables.

  • LinkedIn Pages: Bring LinkedIn Page share, engagement and follower statistics
  • LinkedIn Ads: Bring LinkedIn Ad Campaign statistics
  • CoinMarketCap: Bring real-time cryptocurrency data to track your crypto portfolios
  • SEMRush: Bring domain, keywords and backlinks data for your SEO projects

New pre-built API Functions: We also added new API functions in Google Analytics for bringing e-commerce data, conversions data and google ads data.

Notifications: Now you can integrate Stackby with Microsoft Teams and send notifications to your team members in a breeze. You can also choose to send notifications via mobile apps as well.

Workflow Automation: If you have not tried using Workflow Automation apps with Stackby, here’s a video to get you started. We also added Update Row Triggers on Zapier & Integromat and new integrations with Syncspider, &

Redesigned Mobile Apps and Desktop Apps

Now, you can access Stackby from anywhere using Desktop and Mobile Apps. We introduced the latest Stackby desktop apps for Mac and Windows in 2021. We also redesigned mobile apps for Android and iOS to ensure smooth working on the go!

Download all the apps from here

Launch of Stackby One

Stackby One 

For creators who are willing to share their Stackby templates with the world, we introduced Stackby One in 2021! Stackby one is a community for creators and a great way to share your efficient workflows with other Stackby lovers. Let’s collaborate innovatively!

Stackby One

Some interesting features introduced in 2021

#1 View level sharing

Take your collaboration to a new level by sharing views with different Stackby users. You can also set permissions and allow specific access to your view such as edit, read-only, comment, create, etc.

View Level Sharing in Stackby

#2 Data Recovery Features: Recycle Bin and Database Snapshots

In 2021, Stackby introduced three important data recovery features that allow you to create backups, restore data and easily share data.

Database Snapshot

When more than one user is working on a stack, there could be a chance that they accidentally change some data. Stackby introduced the Snapshot feature in 2021 that allows you to save a snapshot of your Stack and restore your data if required.

See how this amazing feature works with this short video.

How to Take a Database Snapshot 

Recycle Bin

Stackby also introduced the recycle bin feature in 2021 that allows you to restore a deleted row, column, view, or even the whole table. Your data is now 100% safe with Stackby.

Discover our recycle bin feature today. Here’s a short video that explains how to use this feature.

How to use Recycke Bin in Stackby 

#3 Conditional filters on Link, Lookup, Aggregation

Lookup and aggregation are the two most used column types in Stackby. We enhanced them for our users in 2021 by introducing conditional filters on Lookup and Aggregation. Now you can filter out data in a more efficient way.

Conditional filters on Link, Lookup, Aggregation

Some more features to empower your workflows

#1 Print Rows and Send Rows

Want to save the data of a row? Want to share a particular row of data with your team? Stackby has got you! In 2021, we introduced an option where you can print a row and save it a as PDF for further usage.

#2 More Automations on API Connectors

Stackby allows you to integrate with popular business applications like Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, MailChimp, YouTube, and more using API connectors. You can link your Stackby columns to APIs to pull information, use services or push information.

In 2021, Stackby introduced time-triggered automation where you can schedule when to bring data from a third-party application to your table. You can set this automation to run every three days, two days, etc. at a particular time and even for specific rows.

Fully automate your workflows with Stackby! Learn how to schedule automation on the API connector column with this video.

How to Schedule Automation in Stackby 

#3 Color Formatting on Rows

In 2021, Stackby introduced conditional color formatting on rows where you can set a different color for a row based on a certain condition. It is an efficient way to visualize your data and speed up your workflow.

How to Color-Format Rown in Stackby 

#4 Open Stacks directly from Google Drive

You can now sync your Stackby Account to Google Drive and access any of your Stacks directly from there. Isn’t it much easier to access your data now?

Sync Google Drive and Stackby 

#5 Form Updates

Stackby Forms are an amazing tool for data collection and organization. In 2021, we introduced an important update on Stackby forms where you can set passwords on updatable forms and set limit selection on single options and multiple options in forms.

Don’t want everyone to access your updatable forms? Stackby introduced password-protection on updatable forms where you can password-protect your form and ensure that only authorized people can access it.

More awesome features coming to forms in 2024 and beyond.

#6 New Column Types

Stackby provides a variety of column types so that you can organize your data the way you want. In 2021, we added 5 more columns to enhance your workflows with Stackby. These are:

Barcode: Now, you can scan barcodes via mobile apps and manage your product and inventory data effectively.

Progress: See how your checklists are doing by setting up a progress bar column and visualizing your goals.

How to use Progress Column Type in Stackby 

Duration: Now, you can also add a duration column to your table and record time-related information. Be as precise as you want since Stackby provides duration in hours:minutes:seconds format.

How to Use Duration Column Type in Stackby 

Created by: Now you can store information about which Stackby user created a particular record. Whenever a Stackby user will create a record on your table, their name will be automatically added to the Created by column.

Updated by: Similar to created by column type, we also introduced the updated by column type that stores information about who updated a particular record.

How to Use Created By and Last Updated by Column Types in Stackby 

Button (2024): Make your workflows more interactive with Stackby Button Column Type. In this column type, you can select a button label and provide a URL for that button. You can use this column to type to do a lot of functions such as sending a tweet, sending an email, creating an event, opening a form and much more.

#7 300+ Templates in Our Template Gallery

Pre-built templates are the backbone of Stackby. They help you kickstart streamlining workflows without much effort. They are highly customizable and easy to use. In 2021, we reached a huge milestone of more than 300 pre-built templates in our template gallery.

Stackby Templates

Some Accolades Embraced Our Journey

1. GetApp #1 Database Software Category Leader: Stackby scored a perfect 100 on GetApp based on factors like ease of use, functionality, value for money, customer support, and the likelihood of recommending.

2. G2 High Performer in Multiple Categories: G2 marked Stackby as the Momentum Leader for fall 2021. Check out what our users have to say about Stackby’s performance.

3. Capterra Emerging Favorite for 2021: Stackby got features in Capterra Emerging Favorite Database Software, Integration Software, and Digital Workplace Software.

Stackby on G2, Capterra and GetApp

More Miles to Go!

All of the features that we introduced in Stackby in 2021 will surely help businesses enhance their workflows. Whether it be our new column types, easy-to-use templates, time-triggered automation, importing and exporting data, Stackby is here to improve productivity, collaboration, and automation of your business processes at every step.

But the journey doesn't end here! Stackby is planning to bring more exciting features your way in 2024 incl. new column types, brand new apps marketplace, awesome improvements on the grid and many more. Stay tuned and sign up for free on Stackby today.