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Manage and automatically track your Facebook ad campaign in real-time.

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Facebook is the most used social media platform, with over 2.45 Billion monthly active users (as of 2020). 

Most marketers are getting most of their ad dollar spend running ads on Facebook. It’s hot and it’s there to stay. 

This integration will help you bring in insights/data of your Facebook Ads (from the account that you have integrated to your account) directly to Stackby.

Plan, manage and track your Facebook Ad Campaigns, all in a single place - 

  • Connect your workspace to your Facebook Ads Account 
  • Bring in your Facebook Account ID 
  • From Account ID → Bring your Facebook Ad IDs 
  • Connect columns to the Facebook Ads API 
  • Bring your ad metrics (CPC, CPM, Clicks) or complete account summary (Spend, CPC, CPM) right inside the table 
  • Refresh your data in real-time

This integration is a Facebook marketing team’s dream come true.

Available API Functions

Details of particular ad account

Bring insights for your ad account

Reference Input column: Ad Account Id

Output: Insights about a particular Ad Account

Get all ad IDs by Facebook ad account

Get all ad ids of your AD account

Reference Input column: AD Account Id

Output: Get all ad ids of AD account

Details of a particular ad

Bring insights for a particular ad

Reference Input column: Ad Id

Output: Insights about the particular Ad (Clicks, CPM, CPC etc.)

Details of particular account by campaign

Bring insights for your ad account by campaign

Reference Input column: Ad Campaign ID

Output:  Insights about the Ad Account by campaign

Details of particular account by adset

Bring insights for your ad account by adset

Reference Input column: Adset ID

Output: Insights about the Ad Account by adset

Manage your facebook ad campaigns and automate reporting

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