Case Study | Bulkbox

How Stackby is helping an E-commerce for beverages to manage it's operations








Bulkbox is a Kenya based e-commerce wholesale marketplace, which aims to provide one stop solution for foodservice, retails & SMEs. They deal in regular delivery of fresh, frozen and dry catering products along with confectionaries and soft drinks as well.

  • Easy Access

Bulkbox has been able to move away from the cumbersome Google Docs into seamless database management, with the help of Stackby. It facilitates easy access to the company's data from business documents, customer details to invoices and other expense information. The team has been storing the data in a simplified and structured manner; accessing it remotely and easily.

  • Better Data Visibility

'Stackby provided better data visibility and allowed me to keep track of the invoices, documents, and payments to be made in the future’, says Rashid Salim.

Stackby reduces and eventually eliminates the need for paperwork and significantly enhances the user's data visibility. It's easy to get paperwork mixed up and forget several important details. Using Stackby, Bulkbox has sorted and categorized their data, and makes use of automation for getting work done easily!

  • Tracking Expenses Using our Templates!

As mentioned before, paperwork is hard. It is quite easy to miss some details when you are handling details through paperwork. Especially expense tracking! Bulkbox has been able to do the same using Stackby’s Expense Tracking Template. With an interface that is easy to use and understand, this template allows users to attach their invoices, track the cost and quantity of items, and link each item to the vendor and their corresponding details.

  • Bringing the team on a single platform

Since there are already multiple facets to an e-commerce business, one more difficulty is to bring the team on the same page. It is crucial to save time, but also to keep a track of everyone’s regular activities. Stackby has been helping Rashid do the same.