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Everyone wants to rank in Google and to do so you need to continuously measure your Google Search Console for URL and keyword positions. 

This can be hectic and time consuming to manually store the result in the sheet and measure it from time to time.

So, Stackby brings you the direct integration with Google Search Console that will bring in the data automatically and store it in the table in real-time. 

Create custom google search console reports in Stackby in less than 5 minutes: 

  • Connect your workspace to your Google Search Console
  • Punch in the domains URLs you want to track
  • Punch in the Start and End date 
  • Add dimensions (device, country)
  • Connect columns to the Google Search Console.
  • Get rich search analytics (Clicks, Impression, CTR, position, etc.)

Combine it with Google Analytics and Ahrefs, and also build powerful hybrid dashboards right inside Stackby.

Available API Functions

Search analytics from the website

Get search traffic and cost of URL

Reference Input column: Website URL, Start and end date, dimensions (device, country | country:IND )

Output: Rich search analytics (clicks, impressions, CTR, position etc.)

Track your Google Search Console metrics, automatically.

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