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Enrich data for company and persons

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FullContact is a 3rd Party service provider that helps you find rich information about people and companies that you want to engage as your clients. Stackby helps you pull FullContact information through its direct integrations feature.

Enrich your lists with high quality people and company information and close deals faster with FullContact API and Stackby.

Build your lead lists in seconds -

  • Connect your workspace with FullContact
  • Punch in the URL or Email Address
  • Connect column to FullContact API
  • Bring in details like Detailed Company Info and Detailed Personal Info (Education, Position etc.).

Push your leads to a CRM via Zapier and take your lead management workflows to the next level.

Available API Functions

Person Enrichment

Get person information by specifying an email address

Reference Input column: Email address

Output: Detailed person information

Company Enrichment

Returns company information through a specified domain URL

Reference Input column: Domain URL

Output: Detailed company information

Build your keyword research tracker in seconds

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