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Find emails by company domain and verify them

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Overview is a popular lead management tool that helps find and verify professional email addresses.

Build your lead lists, verify emails and add it to your CRM with API integration with Stackby.

Build your automated lead lists in seconds -

  • Connect your workspace with Hunter
  • Punch in the URL, Company name or Email Address
  • Connect column to Hunter API
  • Bring in details like Email address, Position and much more

Combine it with the email verification API and build your lead lists in seconds.

Available API Functions

Domain Search

Reference Input column: Domain URL

Output: Domain details

Company Search

Reference Input column: Company name

Output: Company details

Email Search By Domain

Search emails by referencing domains

Reference Input column: Domain URL

Output: Email Addresses

Email Search By Company

Search emails by referencing Text column type with company names

Reference Input column: Company Name

Output: Email Addresses

Email Verification

Check if a given email address is deliverable

Reference Input column: Email address

Output: Verification Score, Deliverable result

Email Count By Domain

Search how many emails are there in for a given domain name

Reference Input column: Domain URL

Output: Total Emails, Personal Emails, Generic Emails

Email Count By Company

Search how many emails are there in for a given company name

Reference Input column: Company Name

Output: Total Emails, Personal Emails, Generic Emails

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