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Bring SendFox email campaigns data and contact data

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SendFox is an email marketing platform that makes it easy to automatically send customized emails to your subscribers.

The good news is that you can integrate SendFox with Stackby to pull information about your lists and campaigns onto Stackby. You can manage and track multiple campaigns directly from your Stackby account.

Plan, manage and track your SendFox email campaigns all in a single place - 

  • Connect your workspace with SendFox
  • Punch in the Campaign IDs
  • Connect column to SendFox API
  • Bring in detail about email campaigns directly into Stackby

From email copy to final email campaign tracking, manage it all in Stackby.

Available API Functions

Find Contact by Contact ID

Get contact by id

Reference Input column: Contact ID

Output: Contact by contact id

Find Contact by Email

Get contact by email

Reference Input column: Email

Output: Contact by email

Get Campaign details

Get campaign by campaign id

Reference Input column: Campaign ID

Output: Campaign by campaign id

How it works

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