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Twilio is a cloud communications platform for building SMS, Voice & Messaging applications, such as WhatsApp on an API built for global scale. With Stackby, you no longer need to build these applications for your use. All you need is the API key and you can easily connect Twilio on your Stackby Account and make it work like any other app using Twilio.

Push button to send a WhatsApp message directly from tables:

Configure your column into a button type to send a Whatsapp message via Twilio API

  • Connect your Workspace with Twilio
  • Punch in the Phone Number
  • Select Push Message and connect your Twilio API
  • Send a Message with a single click or send 10 WhatsApp Messages at a time with multiple push messages.

Automatically send messages to people and create powerful end to end condition messaging workflows.

Available API Functions

Whatsapp Message

Send whatsapp message

Reference Input column: Phone Number

Output: Send Whatsapp Message

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