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Have you ever thought about how you are going to manage your Off/On page SEO metrics and track your progress. If not then you don’t need to do as well. With Stackby’s direct integration with Ahrefs you can directly measure all these in real-time.

Ahrefs helps you track how your website is performing by bringing real-time site metrics, backlinks data, and position metrics and analyzing them against your competitors.

  • Connect your workspace to your Ahrefs API
  • Punch in the domains URLs you want to track
  • Connect columns to the Ahrefs API
  • Bring On-page SEO metrics in real-time (Title, Meta, H1, etc)
  • Bring Off-page metrics in real-time (Backlinks, Referring pages, No/Do follow Links)
  • Get info about keyword positions and cost of traffic
  • Refresh data in real-time

Try it now for free by creating your custom SEO metrics dashboard or select from our pre-built templates.

Available API Functions

Get SEO audit for your webpage

Get SEO audit insights for any website or URL

Reference Input column: Domain URL

Output: SEO details of the page (Title, Meta, H1 etc.)

For Metrics - Get metrics for the URL

Get metrics info from URL

Reference Input column: Website URL

Output: Rich metrics (backlinks, referring pages, no-follow links etc.)

For Position - Get Position details for the URL

Get estimation of number of keywords, traffic and cost of URL

Reference Input column: Website URL

Output: Bring estimation of number of keywords, # of in-out keywords, total traffic and cost of the target URL.

Get Domain Rating for the URL

Reference Input column: Website URL

Output: Bring Ahrefs Rank and Domain Rating for the target URL

Track your key SEO metrics, automatically.

Available Templates


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