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Bring Instagram data for your media posts

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Integrate with Instagram to bring in data from the social media pages that you have integrated with your account.

Bring in rich details like reactions, analytics and Media IDs into Stackby using the direct integration feature.

Build your instagram post tracker in seconds - 

  • Connect your workspace with Instagram
  • Punch in the Instagram Business Account ID or Media ID
  • Connect column to Instagram API
  • Bring all Media IDs and rich details of the media post like reaction or post analytics. 

Automate your social media scheduling with Zapier or Integromat, and manage your end to end social media planning, calendar and tracking in a single place. You can also connect to Facebook Post Insights API and get insights from your tweets with Twitter API.

Available API Functions

Get Instagram Media IDs

Get media id of your Instagram business account

Reference Input column: Instagram Business Account ID

Output: Bring all the Media IDs in that account

Get Instagram Media Insights

Get insight of your Instagram media post

Reference Input column: Instagram Media ID

Output: Bring all the rich details (reactions, analytics) of the media or post

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