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Campaign Management Templates

Campaign Management

Innovative, creative and eye-catching marketing campaigns have become one of the key drivers of success for any venture today. From social media marketing, interactive surveys, live videos to online advertisements - an effective and well-planned marketing campaign can change the workings of your business overnight!

What are the key essentials for making any campaign strategy?

  1. Set a goal for your marketing campaign. (What are your Key Performance Indicators?)
  2. Decide on your target audience. (Who is the campaign for?)
  3. Set a budget. (How much capital do you want to spend on this?)
  4. Decide on a platform(s)/channel(s). (Is it Facebook or Twitter? Google Ads or Blogs?)
  5. Organize your team and divide the work. (Who is in-charge of what?)
  6. Determine the content. (What exactly do you want to market?). Track your marketing campaigns diligently. This will help you analyse whether a particular strategy is campaign planning is working for you.
  7. Respond and Improve. Customer testimonials are first-hand inputs that will determine how your marketing campaign is being received by the target audience. Keep updating the same as and when necessary.

Whether you are campaigning to attract new customers, increase your sales, advertise a new offer or improve brand loyalty - any marketing campaign needs to be meticulously planned and executed. There are chances you might miss on a few details while planning your campaigns – especially if they are on a large scale. A campaign management template is an answer to all your problems!

Campaign Management template is a one-stop solution that keeps track of all your campaigns and helps you hit all the benchmarks to ensure that your marketing gets results.

Here at Stackby, we will assist you in launching your marketing campaign with our well planned and time-tested campaign plan template. You can set campaign goals, assign campaign leaders and divide your campaigns among various platforms. Our campaign management template will make your job easier by allowing you to:

  • Track the status of each of your marketing campaigns separately.
  • Check the amount spent on each campaign till date to make sure you do not overshoot your budget.
  • Keep track of the number of clicks.
  • Keep track of the number of conversions and conversion rates. It assigns a conversion status to each campaign. You can decide which platform and strategy are bringing the best results for your company.
  • Calculate your average CPA.
  • Set a start and end date for your marketing campaign.

It does not matter if you are a start-up venture or a well-established company. Our campaign management template is custom-made for your specific needs. Use our template and make your campaign management effective like never before!

Video Production Management Templates

Video Production Management

Video production is the process of creating and presenting content in the form of a video. Companies create video content on every subject these days, from promotional, product-specific to explainer and case study videos.

Why is Video Production important?

Why has video production become such an essential aspect of almost every business in the present time? This is because videos allow a company to showcase its product visually, which attracts far more viewers than written text ever can. Videos are much more helpful because they are:

  • Interactive and easily searchable.
  • The best method to showcase your product uniquely.
  • Easy to understand and follow (Nobody likes going through pages of written information on a product!).
  • It is one of the easiest ways to drive traffic to your website (Search engines like Google prioritize websites with more video content).
  • Enhance the social media presence of the company significantly.

While making videos for a client, it is essential to understand the video’s required content, budget, type of video, and target release date. These details need to be recorded carefully in a shooting schedule template to make sure that the video meets the client’s expectations. With many clients and multiple videos per client, keeping track of your work can turn out to be a herculean task.

But don’t worry! We here at Stackby live to make your job and life easier!

Our state-of-the-art video production management template will make video production a walk in the park for you! Our unique and easy-to-use product will help you manage and track all your video projects in one place. This video production management template keeps detailed records of your videos and clients and allows you to:

  • Track the videos for each agency.
  • Record the status of the video (Script Creation/ Pre-Production/ Edits/ Live).
  • Record the duration, platform, and type for each video.
  • Keep track of the release date of the video.
  • Check the amount spent on each video and the corresponding budget assigned it. This ensures that the video is produced within the budget.
  • Store details of the agency contacts to facilitate smooth communication.

Our production plan template is one of a kind and the most efficient way to manage your video production schedule. It will help you plan your video production with immense ease and help you get the work done without breaking a sweat!

Also combine it with YouTube Video Tracker to automate your video reporting as well in the same place.  

Advertising Agency Workflow Process Templates

Advertising Agency Workflow Process

Why do you need a process workflow for your advertising agency?

Creativity without structure will seldom help you reach your desired objective. It would help if you had an organization and a structure that will direct your team’s creative workflow most efficiently.

How to create a process workflow?

The creative workflow process of any ad agency involves certain fundamental steps:

  1. Start with your creative brief. It gives you an outline of what the client is looking for in terms of content, target audience and budget.
  2. Set project milestones. This will ensure that you are moving in the right direction.
  3. Divide the entire process into smaller tasks to simplify the work.
  4. Assign team leaders and team members to each task. This eliminates repetitive work and guarantees that each task is worked upon.
  5. Identify the risks and potholes so that you can keep them in check.
  6. Brainstorm creative ideas by doing extensive research on your project.
  7. Keep track of each task using well-designed templates (Continue reading to know more about Stackby’s premade, one of a kind ad agency process workflow template!).
  8. Ensure that the work being done is within the client’s budget.
  9. Review and recheck your work before seeking final approval.

A well-planned creative flow chart will help you produce and deliver quality products to your clients and improve your ad agency’s efficiency and popularity. Establishing this agency process workflow and keeping track of it to get the desired results can occasionally prove to be difficult.

Well, we at Stackby, have come to your rescue! Please put on your creative hats and get to work with our tailor-made Ad Agency Process Workflow Template! With multiple clients and an even greater number of ads, you can use our workflow process template to streamline your creative process and achieve your goal. 

Use this template to:

  • Keep track of all your ad projects in one place.
  • Create and edit your process workflow anytime.
  • Track the start and end date of each task to avoid delays.
  • Assign team members to each task to increase accountability.
  • Track the amount spent on each ad and compare it with the assigned budget.
  • Store all the specifications of each ad on one platform (This includes size, preferred format, spec type, etc.)
  • Assign status to each ad type (Yet to start/ WIP/ Done/ Revision)
  • Use our Status Board to view all your projects in one place.

This process workflow template with a simple and easy-to-use interface is a one-stop solution to manage your advertising agency. Use it now and see the difference!