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Agency Talent Management Template Template

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Agency Talent Management Template Template
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Companies promote and sell their products via several platforms and avenues. One of these avenues is affiliate marketing.

What is affiliate marketing?

Consider a scenario where your company has launched a product. If you want to increase your product's sale, you can offer a financial incentive to a promoter via an affiliate program.

Affiliate marketing is based on a revenue-sharing model. A commission rate is fixed. The amount earned by each affiliate depends on the revenue they generate via the sale of your product. A fixed percentage of this revenue is offered to the affiliate as a commission.

Affiliate marketers promote and sell your product and earn based on their performance. Any organization or business can use affiliate marketing to increase their sales and revenue from solo entrepreneurs to multinational companies. 

It allows companies to reach a wider audience pool and increases brand awareness to a large extent.  

The affiliates employed by a company are often renowned influencers and promoters. This also helps in attracting more customers to your product. It is a cost-effective method to promote your product and reduces the revenue you would have spent marketing the product yourself.

Are you facing difficulty tracking your affiliate’s revenue and commission? Looking for a tool to help you track the payments made and due to affiliates? If your answer is yes, then Stackby’s Affiliate Tracker is your solution!

The Affiliate Tracker is an all-in-one template that will enable you to monitor your affiliate's revenue and track the commission due to each of them. This template is easy-to-use and will make your job easier.

Here’s how you can use Stackby’s Affiliate Tracker to streamline your work. This template will allow you to:

  • Record the details of all the affiliates on a single interface.
  • Track the revenue generated by each affiliate during a particular period.
  • Store the commission rate allotted to each affiliate. Using the revenue earned, you can now generate the affiliate's commission during the same period.
  • Record the date on which the payment is due to the affiliate.
  • Monitor the current status of the payment corresponding to each affiliate (Completed/ Pending).
  • Add notes to the details of each affiliate wherever necessary.
  • Add the month and corresponding year for which the details of revenue and commission are being recorded.
  • You can also view the data for a particular month separately using this template.
  • In addition to this, the template also offers an in-built Affiliate Revenue Report Form. Your company can use this standard form to collect all the information related to the revenue generated by each affiliate.

With this Affiliate Tracker template, you can maximize the benefit you receive from your affiliate marketing program with minimum effort! Keep track of all the details easily in one place and for free with Stackby’s Affiliate Tracker Template.

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