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Content Programming & Promotion Template

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Content Programming & Promotion Template
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How will Stackby's Programming & Promotion Template help you ?

Whether you’re a streaming platform, an entertainment channel or a TV network, you must have numerous programs running at the same time. This template is designed to make your planning and content programming easy, so you can keep track in managing your season to scheduling your commercials.  

1. First table: Programming Calendar

In this table you can manage all your platform’s series and their seasons. You can assign creative directors, manage statuses in the grid, visualize each show in a gallery and even track statuses in a pipeline.

2. Second table: Episode Schedules

Take your planning to next level by creating plots and planning air-dates in the episode schedule table.

3. Third table: Promotional Assets

Manage your marketing promotions & campaigns for each of your shows in this table. Use the asset launch calendar to track dates, promotion request forms for your team to submit ideas and track your content production and assets via pipeline view.

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