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Employee Onboarding Form Template

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Employee Onboarding Form Template
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Track and manage your entire new employee onboarding process in a single place with this employee onboarding form template.

What is an Employee Onboarding Forms Form ?

An Employee Onboarding Form is a structured document used during the onboarding process to collect essential information from new hires. It ensures a smooth transition into the organisation by gathering details related to personal information, employment history, and necessary documentation.

Formal vs Informal Onboarding Forms

  • Formal Onboarding Forms are standardised documents used across all new hires, ensuring consistency in information collection.
  • Informal Onboarding Forms may include additional, more personalised questions to cater to specific roles or individual needs.

Onboarding Best Practices

  1. Beginning before the starting day : Send welcome materials, including an agenda, company policies, and required forms, before the employee's start date.
  2. HR Process : Efficiently handle paperwork and administrative processes to avoid delays in the onboarding process.
  3. Get to know the office : Facilitate introductions to team members and provide a tour of the office space.
  4. Tools and equipment : Ensure that the new employee has access to necessary tools, equipment, and technology.
  5. Build the contacts : Encourage networking by introducing the new hire to key individuals and teams.
  6. Evaluation : Regularly assess the onboarding process to identify areas for improvement and ensure its effectiveness.

How to Build Employee Onboarding forms with Stackby

Start with Stackby's Employee Onboarding Form template linked above.

  • Customise fields based on the information specific to your organisation's onboarding requirements.
  • Utilise conditional formatting and automation features for a more streamlined onboarding process.
  • Collaborate with team members in real-time to ensure all necessary details are captured.

Creating a comprehensive Employee Onboarding Form with Stackby facilitates a structured and efficient onboarding process, contributing to a positive experience for new hires and setting the stage for their success within the organisation.

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