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Starting out on the Event Planning scene? Or are you an old-timer with years of event planning experience behind you? Irrespective of the experience, it always helps to someone lending a helping hand to keep track of the events you have undertaken and their planning so that it doesn’t get overwhelming for you. That is where an Event Planning tracker comes handy. It helps you keep track of the different activities and tasks related to the event, including the venue, team, budget, etc.

Presenting to you the Stackby Event Planning Stack – a template that all new and seasoned Event Management Planners can adopt and adapt easily. For the newbies in this business, this is a great platform that you can use to manage and keep track of the nitty-gritties of your business. For the seasoned players in the business, this Stack lends you a helping hand to hone and fine tune the bits and pieces, and the odds and ends of your business to showcase your professionalism to your clients.

Track each and every event you plan for your clients, its requirements, and its completion - literally everything on this stack. Assign tasks and keep track of issues and solutions, collaborate with your team in real time on this stack. Want to include a third party in on the planning part? Invite them to your stack and collaborate with them. Know the status of each event and its related tasks with just the click of your mouse. Connect different tables in the stack via our linkup feature to know the status of each parameter separately – venues available, venues taken and for which event, etc.