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Product Competitor Analysis

Whether you’re creating a new product or a feature, it’s important to analyze your competitors. This will help you understand your competitor’s different advantages and disadvantages. You can use these data to create something different that will lure people in using your product. Remember, users always are on the lookout for a better platform. 

This is the reason we created this product competitor analysis template. This template will help you to - 

  1. List down all your competitors with tags, website, age, number of users, and other details.
  2. You can use it to add the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors.
  3. If you’re an e-commerce company you can use it to document the price and features of different products. By tags and sorting you’ll be able to understand what product aspects you need to focus on.
  4. With column-wise API you can automate a lot of your product competitor analysis by using integrations such as Zapier. 

After using this template you’ll be able to get a bird's eye view of where you stand against the competition, which features you should add to your product roadmap, and where you need to improve.

The last thing you want to create is a product that lacks the essential features and which is expensive at the same time when compared to the competition. To use the below template, just create a free account on Stackby and click on the “Copy Stack” button. StackBy helps non-technical folks make the most out of spreadsheets. It allows you to build and customize solutions the way they want.