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Social Media Management Template

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As a social media company, what’s the most common challenge you face in the daily workflow? Do you still manage your flow process on different spreadsheets? Would you rather have all your data and process mapped out onto a collaborative, single platform where everyone is on the same page or would you prefer one where the processes are mapped onto different ones? Social Media operation requires a great degree of organisation, finesse and flexibility. Our Social Media Management Template offers you these in a unified platform along with a host of customization options.

No matter what your Social Media strategy is, the Stackby Social Media Management Stack helps you manage social media campaigns easily. In addition to logging your social media plans, you can also track the channels that were used and popularity of each social media post with the Metrics table in our template. Want something more elaborate for your social media team? Just adapt and add/replace your own fields. It’s that simple!

With the Social Media Management Template, you can:

  • Collaborate with your team in real time on the status of each social media post or strategy
  • Brainstorm ideas on how to maximize the impact of posts
  • Add URLs to access the post on the social media platform
  • Attach images to be posted on the adjoining handles

Our Social Media Management Template makes the entire process transparent, organized and easy to track which ultimately streamline your social media strategy.