Case Study | Team Genius

How a digital transformation consulting firm automates it's workflows


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TeamGenius is a consulting firm based in Israel that specializes in digital transformation. Their services range from IT Consulting, Cybersecurity, Workflow Automation and more.

  • Online Database

Data is an integral part of any business today. Organizing and managing this data is the key to the success of any organization today. Stackby makes this process extremely easy by facilitating easy access to the database. All the members of Team Genius have been able to access their database from anywhere at any point in time. They have not only been able to set up and track their workflows on the same platform, but also bring their team together at one platform.

  • YouTube API made easy.

Tracking YouTube videos and their corresponding metrics has never been so easy. Stackby offers API integrations for users to pull out the required data on their stack, in real-time. With the help of Stackby, Team Genius has been able to simply integrate their database with YouTube using the unique API key. This has let them pull in data directly to the template. They have also been tracking the number of views, likes, dislikes, comments, duration, likes/ dislikes, etc.

  • Information, Automation, & Forms!

'With Stackby, I am able to keep all the information in one place, which is really great!', says Yasaf Burshan.

He is also able to complete his automation requirements and create a report.

Besides, Yasaf also found the forms view mode by Stackby, quite helpful. The forms feature of Stackby allows users to collect the information by creating their custom forms. The data entered in the forums can be automatically updated in the user's database eliminating the need for manual entry.