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Retrieve and update information from your own Intercom account

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Intercom makes customer messaging apps for your sales, marketing and support teams -- all connected on a single platform. In short, it helps you acquire, engage and retain more customers. Now, you can integrate Intercom on Stackby to acquire data related to your customers right inside your tables.

Bring in the details about your Intercom users and company into Stackby.

  • Connect your workspace with Intercom and add your API key
  • Punch in the email/company id of the user
  • Connect column to Intercom API
  • Bring rich data of custom Intercom events of those IDs into Stackby

Club this Intercom data with your lightweight custom-built CRM in Stackby and build powerful custom journey workflows.

Available API Functions

Get Users Details By Email

Get user details by email

Reference Input column: Email

Output: Get user details by email

Get Company Details By Company ID

Get company details by Company ID you get from intercom

Reference Input column: Company ID

Output: Get user's list of given company ID

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