Get individual stock data using the AlphaVantage API

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Alpha Vantage is a 3rd-party service provider that helps provide real-time and historical data on stocks.

Stackby helps you pull AlphaVantage Stock API information right inside your tables.

Now you don’t have to manually enter data and make your stock tracker work like a breeze.

  • Connect your workspace with AlphaVantage
  • Punch in the company symbol
  • Connect column to AlphaVantage API
  • Bring in detail about stock High/Low price, Open/Close, Volume and more.

Build your custom, real-time stock tracker in minutes.

Available API Functions

Stock quotes API

Get stock information by company symbol

Reference Input column: Company symbol like MSFT(Microsoft), GOOGL(Google)

Output: Open, Close, High, Low price, Volume

Build your personal stock tracker & manage your portfolio

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