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SEO is tough. It’s time-consuming, data driven and needs a disciplined approach. But SEO research should not be tough.

With the plethora of tools available today, it overwhelms us to track all the SEO metrics.

Now no more manually updating those SEO spreadsheets that you made.

With Moz, you can create your custom SEO reports and see how you’re also performing against your competitors. 

  • Connect your workspace to your Moz API
  • Punch in the domain URLs you want to track
  • Connect columns to the Moz API
  • Bring off-page SEO metrics in real-time (DA, PA, Follows etc.)
  • Refresh data in real-time
  • Track how you’re stacking up against your competitors

All of which help you better understand the value and ranking potential of a domain or web page in SEO. Try it out for free today.

Available API Functions

Get rich SEO data of given URL

Get rich off-page SEO insights of your website

Reference Input column: Domain URL

Output: Website SEO metrics (Domain Authority, Page Authority, No-follow, Do-follow etc.)

Track your SEO metrics, automatically.

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