How a Gaming Blog Keeps Up With its Content Production Process?








The Global Gaming is a Germany based blogging website about all things gaming!

  • Managing end to end Content Production Process

Blogging is, without any doubt, a lot of work. Pushing out regular content, setting & meetings deadlines, working on content structure, bringing new ideas to the tables & creating content briefs daily can be very hectic. Marc, at Global Gaming, has pushed out about 320 content pieces in six months and has been using Stackby to organize all their content requirements within a database. Using content status update and attaching images in the required columns, the Global Gaming team has been using the Stackby extensively to ease out their content production process.

  • Backlink Tracking with SEO APIs

A lot in the blogging depends on backlinking, and backlink tracking remains one of the powerful factors in determining your Google rankings and traffic. Links from high authority sites increase your ranking, while the wrong kind of backlinks can do serious damage. The Global Gaming team believes in the same and tracks their backlink religiously. Recently, they have started using Stackby to keep track of their backlinks. They have been using SerpStat API to track backlinks in real-time with minimum efforts, right inside their tables.

  • Collaboration with ease

Whether it is tracking backlinks, automating the content process or just keeping up with the reports - API Integrations have proved to be quite helpful for the Global Gaming team. However, one of the most important and problem - solving aspects of using Stackby for Marc was the row-level commenting and mentions. It has been quite easy to assign content topics, briefs and other initiatives to different members of the team by simply mentioning their name. It is also more convenient now to ask for status updates and talk about anything regarding the project at one place rather than trying to maintain communication through multiple applications.

  • Multiple Views and the User Experience

"At the moment, I tend to use Stackby a lot more. Because, yeah, it's just the user experience is good. And like to use it. Stackby is easy. It's beautiful. You can collaborate. It's really good", says Marc.

The Global Gaming team has not only had a wonderful experience with Stackby's User Interface but also has been appreciative of the ease-of-use that comes with the application. They also tell us that a lot of presentation that goes in the content briefing depended on different applications. However, now they can easily attach the images in the concerned briefs with the different views' options and switch to the view they want. It is also a lot of handier as they have increased their graphic productions as well.