How a digital agency runs it's operations








SBKits is a digital marketing agency that started in Egypt in 2013 and then moved to Malaysia. It offers both digital marketing and all-in-one WordPress solutions to anyone looking to build their website. Gathering all the WordPress tools available in the market in one place, SBKits allows you to build a complete WordPress website with all the technologies & tailor your own experience!

  • Bringing all data in a single place

One of the biggest challenges with any agency is to scale without breaking the bank - so process and team efficiency is the main growth driver.

As a service-providing agency, SBKits deals with a lot of data maintenance – their data within the team, client's data, and their clients or customers' data. There are forms, website information, social media analytics, and various other data kept updated in real-time on Stackby, with easy accessibility. With Stackby, they could bring everything in a single place.

“My main use of Stackby is by adding or combining all the data that I have with my team, and my client and their customers.” says Karim.

  • No code automation

“We do not need to know to code anymore! We can automate everything. We have to bring the idea, and everything is available now,” says Karim. Karim had ideas and an exact image of how he wanted his databases to look like, and he has used Stackby to create all those templates from scratch, by himself, without any coding.

Not only has he created those templates from scratch, but he has also utilized the different views available on the platform to share specific kinds of data with other people. The different views simplify his working structure, but it also gives him an overall picture of everything he wants in an easier format.

  • An edge over all - API integrations

Managing workflow gets easier with relational databases, but Stackby wins at the game by letting users connect their columns to popular services via APIs to bring information automatically and refresh data in real-time to keep you up to date. Karim made use of the native column level integrations offered by Stackby to keep up with different data from multiple platforms in real-time.

Some of the integrations used majorly, and quite often by SBKits are Google Analytics, Youtube Analytics, Facebook Ads & Instagram analytics.

  • Easy to use CRM

Streamlining data and bringing the internal team together at one shared space in real-time is something that SBKits has achieved with Stackby. Not only are they keeping track of all the inbound calls for their clients with Stackby, but they are also pushing out all the information regarding a website to Stackby. This is shared in real-time with the client and other team members working on the project.

They also create a form to record all the customer service data and import it in Stackby and visualize in different views. They are also importing data from social media and RSS feeds to bring it easily at one place and share it in a different views with their clients.