10 Best CRM Software Examples And their Use-Cases [2024]

CRM software enables organizations to centralize customer information, monitor interactions and automate marketing & lead generation processes. Learn different types of CRM softwares available today with examples.

10 Best CRM Software Examples And their Use-Cases [2024]

Customer relationship management (CRM) software has become crucial for firms to manage client contacts and raise customer satisfaction in today's competitive business environment. CRM software enables companies to centralize customer information, monitor customer interactions across channels, and automate critical sales and marketing procedures. CRM software comes in a wide variety of forms, each with its own set of features and functionalities. To date, more than 91% of companies use CRM to smooth business operations. 45% of business owners have said CRM has increased their revenue!

According to 74% of CRM users, CRM solutions improve their access to consumer information and enable them to provide more individualized service. Throughout the first five years of its release, CRM technology is adopted by 65% of organizations. CRM software can be applied to various businesses, from start-ups to established corporations. This blog will explore some of the top CRM software examples and use cases in more detail.

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5 Broad Types Of CRM Software Examples:


Operational CRM is one of the most popular CRM examples. It automates and enhances customer-facing and customer-supporting business operations across all customer touchpoints and channels, including sales, marketing, and customer care. Sales, marketing, and customer service are examples of front-office tasks supported by operational CRM systems.

Sales & Analytical:

Sales CRM software is designed to help businesses manage their sales activities, from lead generation to closing deals. On the other hand, analytical CRM software focuses on analyzing customer data to gain insights into customer behaviors and preferences. Sales CRM includes lead and opportunity tracking features, and Analytical provides data analytics, customer segmentation, and predictive modeling.

With Stackby's Sales CRM Template, you can effectively retain existing clients and generate new leads with immense ease. You can manage contacts, monitor tasks, and keep track of all your deals.
Stackby's Sales CRM Template


For combining efforts of various corporate units to achieve common objectives, collaborative CRM software is suitable. It breaks down silos and uses interactions, communication, and document management to support your work. Collaborative CRM comprises two components:

  • Interaction Management
  • Channel management

Inbound CRM:

It is one of the best CRM examples. When a customer contacts a business first, the customer experience is called inbound customer relationship management (CRM). Any form of communication, such as an incoming call center or the company website, can be used to start a conversation.

Customer Experience & Support CRM:

Customer Experience and Support CRM software are made to assist companies in offering top-notch customer care and assistance. The main goals of this kind of CRM software are to manage client interactions and ensure that consumers are happy with the level of service they receive.

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CRM Tools Comparison Table





Customizable Database CRM

Small businesses or teams who want to build a customized CRM solution.


Inbound CRM

Businesses looking to attract, engage and convert leads.


Analytics CRM

Large enterprises or businesses with complex sales processes.


Sales Pipeline CRM

Sales teams looking for a simple and visual CRM tool.

Google Sheets

Spreadsheet CRM

Small businesses or solopreneurs who want a free and basic CRM solution built on a familiar spreadsheet interface.

Microsoft Dynamics

Operational CRM

Mid-sized to large enterprises looking for a comprehensive CRM platform.

Engage Bay

Customer Journey CRM

Businesses that want to track and manage customer interactions across multiple channels.


Contact Management CRM

Small businesses or freelancers who need a simple and affordable CRM tool.


Customer Experience CRM

Businesses looking for an all-in-one CRM platform.


Customer Support CRM

SaaS companies or businesses that provide online services need a CRM tool to manage customer support tickets.

10 Best CRM Examples And Their Use Cases


Boost Revenue and Reduce Cost With Sales CRM & Automation
CRM Software: Stackby

Businesses can build a CRM database using Stackby, a CRM platform that can be customized to meet their unique needs and procedures. It has integrations with numerous third-party services and a large selection of easily configurable templates. Businesses can manage their customer data, keep track of interactions, and automate several tasks, including lead tracking, task management, and email communication, using Stackby CRM. To understand user behaviour and preferences, it also offers comprehensive analytics and reporting services. Small enterprises or teams that wish to create a customized CRM system without requiring a high level of technical expertise or coding know-how can use Stackby.


HubSopt Is Free CRM Software with something for everyone
CRM Software: HubSpot 

The heart of HubSpot is a CRM platform that lets you follow leads and customers at various stages of their journeys. It is one of the best CRM examples. The HubSpot CRM is free and includes several capabilities, including live chat, dynamic lists, lead capture forms, and email marketing. The way HubSpot's platform integrates with this one customer view is one of its main advantages.


Salesforce CRM : Everything you need to know
CRM Software: Salesforce

It is one of the most well-known providers of CRM services. Salesforce is among the most well-liked and commonly utilized CRM software platforms worldwide. It is a cloud-based platform that offers companies a variety of tools and services for managing their client interactions. Businesses may improve client experiences and spur growth by streamlining their sales, marketing, and customer care operations using Salesforce CRM. Lead and opportunity management, sales forecasting, marketing automation, customer care management, analytics, and reporting are a few of the main functions of Salesforce CRM.


Pipedrive The CRM platform to Grow your business
CRM Software: Pipedrive

Businesses may organize their sales activity and keep track of deals with the help of Pipedrive, a web-based sales CRM and pipeline management tool. The activity-based selling paradigm was used to design Pipedrive, which simplifies each step in converting a promising lead into a successful sale. As a cloud-based application, the solution can be available whenever and whenever using any web browser or specific mobile app. Most minor to mid-sized businesses may use Pipedrive's capacity to visualize the sales process from beginning to end to be very enticing (SMBs).

Google Sheets

Google Sheet is powerful and user-friendly online spreadsheet
CRM Software: Google Sheets

A powerful and user-friendly online spreadsheet program called Google Sheets can be used as a customer relationship management (CRM) system. It may track your sales funnel, automate marketing activities, and save crucial lead and customer-related data. Regardless of the advertising platform, a CRM system is necessary to handle lead data, evaluate your marketing procedures, and adjust your campaigns. To organize your contacts and make the data simple to filter and search through, use a Google Sheets CRM template. Your contacts' names, companies, and roles can be broken down, along with their contact information.

Microsoft Dynamics

Microsoft Dynamics CRM boost an organization's sales productivity and marketing effectiveness.
CRM Software: Microsoft Dynamics

CRM is a suite of customer relationship management tools designed to improve client relationships for any business. It is one of the best CRM examples. Although Microsoft has been selling Dynamics CRM as an XRM platform and encouraging partners to use it's proprietary (.NET-based) framework to customize it, the product's primary areas of concentration out of the box are Sales, Marketing, and Customer Service. It has expanded in recent years as an analytics platform propelled by CRM. The CRM solution can boost an organization's sales productivity and marketing effectiveness.


EngageBay is Free CRM software for small businesses
CRM Software: EngageBay

Lead generation, email marketing, marketing automation, customer relationship management, and social media engagement are all included in EngageBay's comprehensive marketing platform. It was created to assist organizations in acquiring, engaging, nurturing, and closing leads. With the built-in CRM, the cloud-based platform can manage customer interactions, create and automate email marketing content distribution, and increase lead generation. Businesses may create, manage, and carry out unique marketing programs with the help of EngageBay's integrated marketing suite.


CRM Software: BigContacts
CRM Software: BigContacts

Start-ups may expand their businesses with the help of BigContacts' CRM platform. Provides services in the best possible ways while managing contacts, tasks, opportunities, and email campaigns. Import the spreadsheets and assess the business cards to gather more leads. BIGContacts CRM provides contact management and email marketing solutions for small businesses. They will provide the resources you need to generate more leads, close more sales, and keep more clients. With a cheap and simple solution, they are helping every small business reach its full potential.


ActiveCampaign offers companies a variety of features and functionalities for managing their client connections.
CRM Software: ActiveCampaign

A cloud-based CRM solution called ActiveCampaign offers companies a variety of features and functionalities for managing their client connections. With the help of ActiveCampaign, organizations may automate their sales and marketing procedures and interact with their clients in a more specialized and focused manner. The power of ActiveCampaign resides in its marketing automation features, which let companies design intricate marketing campaigns customized to the wants and needs of specific clients. As a result, firms can foster better bonds with their clients and gradually increase their revenue.


Intercom CRM's emphasis on live chat
CRM Software: Intercom

Various services and functionalities for managing client relationships are available to organizations through the cloud-based customer chat platform Intercom. With the aid of Intercom CRM, businesses can interact with their clients in a more relevant and personalized way, improving the customer experience and fostering expansion.

Intercom CRM's emphasis on live chat, which enables companies to interact with consumers in real-time and offer prompt help and feedback, is one of its distinctive features. This can strengthen client relationships and enhance the overall customer experience for organizations. Additionally, businesses may develop targeted marketing campaigns with Intercom CRM's lead and customer segmentation features.

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Why StackBy?

‘Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all CRM solutions! With Stackby CRM, you can create a customized database that fits your unique business needs and workflows. Streamline your customer interactions and automate processes like never before. Try Stackby CRM today!’

Deal-flow CRM template from Stackby will help you visualize your whole deal-flow pipeline and automate your deal-flow workflows. Manage all the details of companies in one place such as name of the company, deal name, sources, contacts of a company, etc.
Stackby Dealflow CRM

Here are some reasons you should choose Stackby as your CRM software:

  • Provides Flexibility: Stackby CRM is flexible, enabling you to create a CRM database that satisfies your company requirements and workflows.
  • Simple to use: Even non-technical people may easily navigate Stackby CRM's user-friendly spreadsheet style interface.
  • Affordability: Stackby CRM has reasonable pricing options, making it available to teams or small organizations on a limited budget.
  • Collaborative: Team collaboration is made possible by Stackby CRM, allowing numerous people to view and work on the same database simultaneously. Plus with tons of user permissions on stacks, tables and views - you're
  • Integrates well with others: Stackby CRM offers seamless connections between client information and other company processes and applications, including Slack, Google Drive, Microsoft Teams, and Zapier.
  • Reporting & Analytics Dashboards: Stackby CRM offers real-time dashboard capabilities to add your charts, pivot tables, summary boxes, goal trackers, resources and more, to ensure sales success.