Best Strategies to Improve Your Marketing Agency’s Productivity

In this article we talk about important of productivity in a marketing agency, the reasons behind the decreasing productivity in your agency and the best ways to improve it. Read on to find more!

Best Strategies to Improve Your Marketing Agency’s Productivity

Heard of Airbnb, Nike, or Slack?

Yes, duh!


Silly question, right?

But, how do you know Airbnb, Nike, or Slack? Of course, they are well-known brands - But, how did they become well-known brands? Simple. With good marketing!

In a 2015 Instagram campaign, Airbnb received 13.3 million interactions and recorded an increment of 341% in their following. They aimed to showcase the most unique places around the world, both inside and out; kind of like a use case for traveling with Airbnb. This gave them the interaction they needed.

Even today, about 75% of the pictures they share on their social media are by their users.

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This is what good marketing does. It creates your brand name organically. Everyone knows about you because they have heard about you from somebody. And a lot of the time these strategies are developed by different marketing agencies around the world.

With so much noise in the world, the need for creative marketing strategies, which can shine through, is at high competition in the market. Marketing agencies play a considerable role in enhancing the brand value of the company.


But it is quite common to feel burnt out or to just not be there when it comes to working or creating these strategies regularly. Sometimes, an employee's energy level might resonate with another and it can turn out to be a less productive day.

But if this turns into a pattern and keeps affecting your marketing agency’s productivity – I think that can be an issue. At the end of the day, you run an agency to earn profits, and productivity is directly related to profits.

In this article, we talk about different aspects of a marketing agency’s productivity, how you can run a tight ship and still keep the morale up!

Table of Content(s)

  1. What affects your marketing agency’s productivity?
  2. How can marketing agencies increase productivity?
  3. Conclusion

What affects your marketing agency’s productivity?

Before you think about ways in which you can increase your marketing agency’s productivity, it is best to understand where the problem stems from. In other words, understand the root of the problem and then find the solution. Here are some of the common factors that can affect your marketing team’s productivity:

Lack of clarity of idea


It is important to understand that everyone in the team must have a clear idea of the ultimate goal – and not just for the agency, but also for the clients they are handling. Each individual has roles to perform, which requires a proper understanding of the end goal, along with the strategic path to follow in sync with the rest of the team.

Communication gap

Communication is the key essence of management, and there is no efficiency without communication. There should be proper and regular communication between the different departments of the company to understand the idea, progress, and changes within the right time, helping to avoid mistakes. Sometimes in-person communication can be highly time-consuming too, which can affect productivity too.

Handling multiple variables at the same time


Multitasking is good unless the productivity of the preferential tasks is maintained high. Try to avoid burdening yourself or your employees with too many tasks at the same time. Moreover, when you try to handle a few things, you can think more creatively without being pondered by other tasks within the same timeline.


It is important to understand that working without regular breaks can affect health and productivity gradually. Though constant overtime might seem like a good idea for the shorter term, it can reduce productivity in the longer run. A small lag can create a lot of differences in marketing. Constantly working can also cause burnout.

Long Production Chain


Long production chain means too many people are involved in each process and henceforth maintaining productivity can be a tedious task. As many links are involved in one work process, there are as many chances of time wastage or low productivity.

Poor Maintenance

Poor maintenance of hardware or software can highly determine the rate of production. In this digital world, updating the software is a crucial task that affects the efficiency of the process and henceforth the results.

These are just some of the factors that might affect your marketing team’s productivity, there can be a lot more. If you find it difficult to identify the issues on your own, try just asking your employees!


Address the issue of low productivity and ask them why things are not working out. Once you know the problem, you can move on to finding a solution – strategies to increase productivity!

How can marketing agencies increase productivity?

Here are some of the ways by which you can increase your marketing agency’s productivity:

Set Clear Targets & Work Processes but Come Back to Reassess Them


What is the target? What is the end goal?

This should be the first question to be addressed to your team. The clarity of your goals will directly determine the progress, and productivity of your agency. Setting a target is important as it not only creates a direction to work towards but also helps to have clarity of the idea for all people involved in the process.

The target should be clear, easily perceivable, and most importantly conveyable.

The target can help determine the different paths you are considering to undertake and assign duties to every individual. This successfully eliminates any confusion regarding responsibilities carried out by every individual involved in the team. And successfully increases productivity!

Cleaning Digital Clutter


If you are still looking through the long list of file names to find your required file, it's time to take action and start decluttering! Digital clutter should no longer be a reason to hinder anyone’s productivity. Get organized, people!

And if you find it difficult to do by yourself, or don’t understand where to start? You can always use a Digital Asset Management Template to start with! Moreover, it doesn’t only help you with decluttering, but also helps to keep track of various digital assets in real-time without any worries.

Inculcate A Teamwork Culture


Building a teamwork culture is important to improve the unity and strength to achieve growth in the market. To achieve this, it is more than necessary that every employee feels heard and important. Other than increasing your agency’s productivity, a teamwork culture will also help to create a healthy working environment with the active involvement of every individual.

Through the distribution of works, discussion, feedback, sharing, and reviewing, there can be better results and higher morale for people to get on with their work! It can also help create healthy competition which eventually helps you out!

Make Remote Working Fun, And Easy to Track


Today working does not necessarily require an office space; remote working is a new-age model where the employee can work at the comfort of their space without being disconnected from the team. Remote working does have its pros and cons, but this can be made highly productive with some regulations and monitoring.

You can start by tracking everyone's check-in time. If you don't know where to start, you can use a daily check-ins template, to begin with. Next, you can also track your periodic meetings – everything from what was discussed, what were the goals set, and what is pending. Again, if you don’t know where to start, you can use a weekly meetings template.

This helps in maintaining the team relations active and up to date. It also helps to evaluate the progress and helps keep in check with the updates and approvals without losing any time. With all the technology in the world, any information can be shared and discussed in real-time without the need to be physically present in the same space. All you need to do is put in a little bit of effort!

Streamline Your Approval System!

Streamlining the approval system can bring significant productivity growth. It helps to reduce errors and improve the time efficiency of the process. The approval system is a major segment of processes that ensures that the best results are delivered to the customers at the right time.

Henceforth streamlining would ensure that the system functions in full swing without any glitch affecting the system in the further process also eliminating any unnecessary variables in the system.

Better Communication Channels

There are different types of communication channels that can help to keep the communication alive, ongoing, and updated in real-time. Moreover, it also ensures that the information is directly communicated to the required person or group without being lost.

Lack of communication can prove to be a major challenge – not just amongst the employees but also employees and clients! One of the best examples of communication channels used by teams worldwide is Slack, and there are a lot of similar options out there!

Start Automating Some of Your Marketing Strategies

It's crucial to deliver the right information to the target customers at the right time for successful marketing. Time is of the greatest importance in today’s competitive world, every second counts. It's practically difficult to handle too many tasks at once.

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With automation of marketing strategies, the different tasks such as sending an email blast, SMS alerts, etc. could be easily taken care of with quite precision and efficiency. Moreover, the time consumed for the repetitive task could be used for other pressing processes through automation.

Different software and applications are available that can facilitate workflow automation. You can easily use Stackby, and its different pre-built templates for not only automation but for process management as well.

Eliminate Bad Clients & Rethink Your Price Structure

Not all clients are suitable for everyone. It's important to learn to say NO to clients whom you think do not value your work or are unwilling to pay the justified amount for the work. Moreover, avoid engaging in bargaining with the clients, instead explain to them why you charge it and how it would portray the quality of the outcome.

Track Employee Efforts & Add Incentives

Tracking the employee progress in regular intervals is important to understand the levels of productivity on an individual and overall scale. This also helps the employee to self-analyze and find the strengths and weaknesses; to make necessary changes for further processes too.

Different tools can be used to update the progress and evaluate in a more statistical or pictorial form. Moreover, through incentives, the employees can be motivated to work harder for better growth.

Divide Teams, And Track All Project Management Updates!

Dividing into different teams can help manage the various tasks with great attention and good quality. When people work in teams, different ideas could be communicated and discussed, giving rise to the exploration of creative and innovative ideas.

Projects start with creating project proposals, approvals and then move on to the actual working phase. You can easily track every team or individual Project proposal statuses and everything with a Project proposal template. It is also important to track the progress of the projects working on, which you can easily do with a Project tracker template and Project Schedule template. You can also track the overall project progress in one place with the Project Portfolio template.

This can be beneficial for analyzing the productivity rates of the process and products, this can also be maintained through online platforms which are readily accessible and easy to perceive too.



Thank God it’s Friday is a new slang that creates a sense of marking the end of the workweek. Fridays can be made more fun and productive by taking into a relaxed mood through half days and casual wear. There can also be some fun activities included in the day other than work. The goal should be to have a lesser workload on Fridays to have a relaxing weekend and a productive start of the week after that!

Implement Agile Marketing Methods

Implementation of Agile marketing methods ensures higher results with reduced stressful conditions within a short period. Moreover, it ensures the prioritization of the most useful tasks and develops a more user-centric approach. It helps in the constant updating and implementation of data to create the best results. If you do not know where to start or keep track of this agile marketing process, you can always make use of this Agile Product Planning Template and get started!


Developing a marketing strategy requires good research of the needs, wants, and demands of the target group. Moreover, in this fast-pacing world, productivity with high efficiency is always a need to survive. Make sure that you are up to date with the latest technologies and tools that are useful for the company to help reach greater heights. Sign-up with Stackby today, and make your agency more productive and agile!