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Call Log Template

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Call Log Template
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Call logging is the process that involves collecting, analyzing, and recording data related to telephone calls made and received by a company or individual.

Whether you own a small retail store in your area or run a multinational FMCG company with multiple offices worldwide, both inbound and outbound calls form an essential part of your day.

Companies place calls for a wide range of reasons, including customer care, outreach, sales, marketing, surveys, operations, logistics, and so on.

They also receive calls for an equally large number of reasons, including customer complaints, user queries, job applications, contract negotiations, etc.

Call logs allow you to nurture and maximize leads, provide customer service, resolve issues faced by a user, keep track of follow-up calls, evaluate your company's departments' performance, market your product, among other things.

There are different methods that a particular company can employ to create and maintain their call logs. It can be both manual and automatic.

Stackby’s call log template template will allow you to keep meticulous and detailed records of any data related to call logs. Our Call Log Template will allow you to:

  • Record the details of all of the company’s calls in one place. You can log calls of multiple departments using the call log template.
  • If there are any documents relevant to a particular call, you can attach them to this template to facilitate easy access.
  • Store the phone number required to place each call.
  • Add notes, if necessary, for a call to allow for a better understanding of its content.
  • Keep track of the agenda or purpose of each call. This can include recruitment, sales, marketing, operations, outreach, customer service, accounts, regular reports, and so on.
  • Record the date and time for each call in the call log.
  • Check whether the call has been closed or not.
  • The calendar view of the template allows you to get an easier visual & understanding of the calls that are not closed.
  • Under the separate tab for Agendas, you can track the number of calls placed and received by each department. You can also track the number of calls that have been closed under each agenda.
  • Record and track the calls that have to be placed in the upcoming weeks under each agenda.
  • Track the collaborator responsible for each agenda.
  • Monitor and update the data as and when necessary. 

With Stackby’s Call Log Template, you can record all your call data efficiently and easily! It is custom-made to suit your specific needs and expectations.

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