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Website SEO Audit

Website seo audit is an analysis of your website’s health for search engines. The audit examines various aspects influencing how your website ranks in the search result. By identifying the strength and weakness you can optimize your website and make it understandable by search engines. To keep a record of this audit you can streamline the process with keeping all the records in a single template. Stackby offers the best website SEO audit template that gives you a comprehensive analysis to tackle both on page and technical SEO aspects You can seamlessly track everything the such as Keyword tracking: Where you can monitor your website’s performance for targeted keywords and identify the areas of improvement. This will offer you the opportunity to climb the search engine ranking. On page analysis: You can note down all the on page elements like title tags, meta descriptions, headers and internal linking. You can even ensure that the content is optimized for both search engine and user engagement. Technical SEO Audit: With the help of this template you can evaluate your website’s technical audit. This includes crawlability, indexation, website speed and mobile friendliness. You can identify all the technical roadblocks that might be hindering your search engine visibility or user experience Seamless Features of Stackby’s Website SEO Audit Template Here are some of the features of SEO website analysis report template Streamlined process: With the help of this user friendly template you get a well organized layout. The template guides you through each crucial SEO factor in a systematic manner. Data driven insights: You can record and analyze website data points for each and every section. With the help of this template you can track metrics like indexed pages, optimize title tags and mobile responsiveness. You can gain a clear picture of your website’s SEO. Proper optimisation: Each column of the template is designed with a designated space for marking elements such as industry or niche, business goals and site speed. It offers a quick visual overview that helps prioritize areas that need your attention. Collaboration: You can foster an easy collaboration by sharing the audit template with your team. This helps in a streamlined task allocation and a collaborative SEO approach. Proper reporting: Without any manual effort you can generate clear and insightful reports with data visualization. You can communicate and find every detail easily as well as track your website’s improvement progress over time SEO tool integration: The template helps you integrate with popular SEO tools including Google search console and Google analytics. You can import the data directly to simplify your audit process and save your time. Regular updates: The template is always updated with the latest SEO best practices. This gives a proper website evaluation and easily aligns with the ever evolving SEO landscape Advantages of Stackby's website SEO order template Now let's check out what are some powerful advantages of this website SEO audit free template Uncover SEO opportunities: The best part is that you can gain a valuable insight of your website's strength and weakness. Through this you can pinpoint the areas of improvement and focus on it. Enhance your websites performance: As you will be able to find the hidden SEO complications you can enhance your website’s performance by solving the problems. You can create a website that both search engines and users love. Save time and resources: The template has collaborative features which will make your auditing efficient and effective. You can focus on what matters the most without having a check on the website again and again. So don't wait, sign up at Stackby today and improve your website’s search engine ranking.
SEO Competitor Analysis Template - Stackby Templates

SEO Competitor Analysis

Are you seeking a competitive advantage in the cutthroat world of SEO? Look no further than Stackby's SEO Competitor Analysis Template. This robust template lets you evaluate your competitors' digital footprint, from their website performance to social media engagement. By benchmarking your SEO efforts against theirs, you can identify gaps, emulate successful tactics, and craft a winning strategy that catapults your website to the top of search engine results. Unleash the power of competitive analysis and watch your online visibility soar. What is SEO Competitor Analysis? SEO competitor analysis is the process of evaluating and analyzing your competitors' online presence and strategies to gain insights and identify opportunities for improving your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts. It examines their keywords, rankings, backlinks, content strategies, and overall SEO performance. SEO Competitor Analysis Checklist Here is a checklist for conducting an SEO competitor analysis: Identify Competitors: Determine your main competitors in the industry or niche. Analyze Website Structure: Evaluate the structure and organization of their website, including navigation, URL structure, and internal linking. Keyword Analysis: Identify the keywords they target and rank for in search engines. Content Evaluation: Assess the quality, relevance, and depth of their website content compared to yours. Backlink Analysis: Analyze their backlink profile to identify the sources and quality of their inbound links. And a lot more. What is the Competitive Analysis Matrix? A competitor matrix is a visual tool that allows you to compare and evaluate your performance against your competitors across various SEO metrics. It provides a comprehensive overview of critical factors like keyword rankings, organic traffic, backlink profiles, social media engagement, and more. You can identify gaps and opportunities to refine your SEO strategy with a competitive analysis matrix. Why Would You Want to Run Competitive Analyses of Keywords? Running competitive analyses of keywords enables you to understand which keywords your competitors are targeting, their ranking positions, and the level of competition. This information helps you refine your keyword selection and optimize your content for better rankings and visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs). A Brief Overview of Stackby's SEO Competitor Analysis Template Stackby's SEO Competitor Analysis Template is a powerful tool designed to simplify and streamline conducting a thorough SEO competitor analysis. This Ahrefs API connector template provides a centralized platform to track and analyze your competitors' SEO metrics, keywords, backlinks, etc. The Ahrefs API is an application programming interface provided by Ahrefs, a leading SEO tool. It allows developers and users to extract and interact with data from Ahrefs' extensive SEO database programmatically. By integrating the Ahrefs API with our template, users can seamlessly fetch and sync data from Ahrefs directly into their analysis sheet. Who is This SEO Competitor Analysis Template for? This template is ideal for digital marketers, SEO professionals, and businesses wanting to gain a competitive edge online. Whether you're an SEO agency, an e-commerce business, or a content marketer, it will help you assess your competitors' strategies and make informed decisions to improve your SEO performance. Why Do You Need Stackby's SEO Competitor Analysis Template Free? Gain insights into your competitors' keyword strategies, backlink profiles, and SEO performance to identify areas for improvement. Track and compare your rankings, organic traffic, and social media engagement with your competitors. Analyze content gaps and opportunities to create targeted and relevant content that outperforms your competitors. Monitor changes in your competitors' SEO metrics and adapt your strategy accordingly. Ways to Customize Our SEO Competitor Analysis Template Integrate the template with Ahrefs API connector to import SEO data and automate the analysis process. Customize the table columns to include the specific SEO metrics and data points you want to track. Create different views and filters to focus on competitors, metrics, or periods. Collaborate in real-time with your team by adding comments, assigning tasks, and sharing insights within the template. Connect with three Ahrefs API functions (domain ratings, backlinks, and website metrics). Table Included in Our SEO Competitor Analysis Template Competitors: This table allows you to track and analyze your competitors' performance metrics, keywords, backlink profiles, and other relevant data directly from Ahrefs API functions Note: You need a paid Ahrefs Enterprise account to use this template. While our template provides a comprehensive structure for SEO competitor analysis, you can customize and adapt it based on your specific requirements and tools used for analysis. Ready to Automate Your SEO Analysis? Sign up for Stackby today, explore our SEO Competitor Analysis Template, and take your SEO efforts to new heights!
Technical SEO Audit Template By Stackby Templates

Technical SEO Audit

Keeping track of your site's technical SEO can be daunting. Not anymore with Stackby’s Technical SEO Audit template! Use this technical SEO audit template and start tracking your website's on-page SEO in minutes. Enhance your website’s health with Stackby's technical SEO audit template. It will help you dominate search engine rankings and all the requirements. SEO audit is a comprehensive analysis identifying areas for improvement in your website's foundation. It ensures the search engines crawl, index and understand your content effectively. What is Technical SEO audit If we talk about technical SEO audit examples then it serves as a road map for evaluating your website technical health from a search engine's perspective. It includes various aspects such as crawlability and indexation which is a section that assesses if search engines can access and index your website page. It also examines the factors like a robot.txt, XML site map presence and the existence of crawl errors. SEO audit cost may vary depending on the requirements of the website. It takes into consideration on-page, off-page and technical SEO. On page SEO delves into elements within your web pages influencing search engine understanding and ranking. It analyzes the factors such as title tags, meta descriptions, headers, internal linking and image optimisation. Also the URL structure is taken into consideration that focuses on the format and clarity of your website. The technical performance also includes website speed, mobile friendliness and the overall user experiences. It identifies the elements that might be hindering the loading time or user engagement. Features of Stackby’s technical SEO audit template Yet Stackby's technical SEO audit template empowers you to conduct a thorough website evaluation. Let's explore its functionalities, usage and how it stands out from other templates. It offers a user friendly and comprehensive approach for website evaluation. Here how you can use it: Structured analysis: The template provides a well organized layout with sections that are dedicated to specific technical SEO aspects. This allows a systematic evaluation and assurance that no crucial areas are overlooked. Data driven insights: The template enables you to record website data points for each of the sections. It even includes aspects like the number of indexed pages, the presence of optimized title tags and mobile responsiveness. Clear optimization status: Each section within the template offers a designated space for marking elements such as optimized, not optimized, optional. This helps for a quick visual overview of areas requiring attention Customizable comments: The template allows you to add comments to specific sections this is a valuable for noting down detailed findings any recommendations or action of items for improvement Why Stackby’s technical SEO audit template? While there are many free and paid SEO audit templates like excel, Stackby's offering provide distant advantages Collaborative functionality: The template fosters a collaborative function through which you can share the audit template with your team. This function enables real time discussions and a streamlined task allocation. Actionable reporting: The template facilitates creation of clear reports and data visualization. It allows easy communication of a findings to stakeholders and facilitates website improvement Integration with SEO tools: The template seamlessly integrates with various SEO tools like Google search console. This helps you import data directly into the template saving the time and effort during the audit process Regular updates: With Stackby's template you will be updated with the evolving SEO landscape. It ensures that your website evaluation aligns with the best SEO practices By effectively using the SEO audit template you can gain valuable insights into your website's health and identify areas for improvement. So don't wait, Sign Up at Stackby today and experience the power of a comprehensive and collaborative SEO approach. Check out more related Templates :Ahref Seo Audit Content Audit Template
Web Analytics Report Template By Stackby Templates

Web Analytics Report

A successful website is the cornerstone of every marketing business. But having a website is not enough. You need to dig deeper in the world of web analytics to understand how your online presence is performing. And for these you need the web traffic reports. With this web analytics report you can identify your brand’s performance and the areas of improvement. Web analytics in marketing is a detailed roadmap of your business journey. It provides a wealth of data points on how visitors interact with your site, where they come from and what are the actions that they take. This lets you know how your website aligns with your marketing goals. The Use of Web Analytics Report By using a web analytics report you can transform your website's traffic from near vanity metrics into actionable insights. This will fuel marketing decisions and a dry with business grow. Identifying your Targeted Audience: Gain insights in interest, demographics and online behavior of the customer. Evaluate marketing efforts: You can easily measure the effectiveness of your marketing and optimize them for better results through web analytics reports. Improved user experience: You need to first understand how your users navigate your website and then pinpoint the areas of your user’s journey that’s important. Enhancing strategy: Analyze the content that resonates with your audience and tailor future content to their needs. Boosting conversions: Track your user’s purchase, downloads and sign-up actions to identify the opportunities and increasing conversion. Stackby’s Web Analytics Report Template Web analytics tracking made easy with Stackby’s template. It offers a unique and powerful solution. Seamless Integration with Alexa API: Stackby leverages Alexa API, providing you real time traffic data - both yours and your competitors. This will eliminate the need for manual data entries and ensure you are working with the most up-to-date information. Effortless Competitor Tracking: The template helps you gain valuable insights into your competitors website traffic patterns. You can analyze the strength, weakness and stay ahead of the curve. Automated Data Visualization: Ditch your boring spreadsheets as Stackby automatically translates raw data into clear visual charts and graphs. This allows you to easily interpret trends and identify the patterns. Actionable Insights at your Fingertips: Stackby’s intuitive interface allows you to drill down the specific areas, identify the key insights and translate them into actionable steps to optimize your website performance. Customization Powerhouse: The template is completely customizable. You can tailor your reports to specific needs by including the metrics and dimensions that are important for your business. Features of Stackby’s Web Analytics Report Template The power packed features offer you web analytics best practices to become a pro. A check of Traffic Overview: You can keep a traffic overview and track key metrics like sessions, page view, users, and bounce rate. This keeps updated regarding the overall health and website traffic. Know User Behavior: You can keep a note of how users interact with your website. Metrics such as average session duration, pages per session, engagement level and content effectiveness. Content Performance: You can identify your top-notch pages and pinpoint the content that doesn’t resonate with your audience. Goal Tracking: You can monitor all the conversions such as purchases, sign ups and form submissions. You can even measure the effectiveness of your CTA’s. Competitor Analysis: You will gain insights into your competitors website traffic allowing you to benchmark the performance and develop a competitive edge. Customizable Dashboards: With the help of this template you can create personalized dashboards showcasing the metrics that matters the most. Why is Stackby Web Analytics Helpful Stackby simplifies the web analytics reporting and here are some of the best practices to keep in mind Set Clear Goals: Before you dive into the data, define your website’s goal like lead generation, brand awareness or increased sales. Data Consistency: Ensure the consistency in data collection and reporting periods for accurate trend analysis. Regular Reporting: You can schedule regular reporting intervals to monitor website performance over time and identify the areas for improvement. Stackby’s web analytics report template is a powerful tool for any business owner or market who is looking to unlock the full potential of his website. Sign up for free today and experience the difference. Checkout more related Templates : Product Competitor Analysis Ahref Seo Audit Google Search Console ReportGoogle Analytics Report Facebook Ad Campaign  
Google E-Commerce Reports Template By Stackby Templates

Google E-Commerce Reports

E-Commerce is the fastest growing industry right now with its roots in every part of the world. An eCommerce company which is engaged in selling of the products through online mode has to be aware of the transactions, the number of purchases, the number of items returned and all other things in order to eliminate any deviations. Google Analytics is used to determine these reports and tells the user about the activities going on in their e-commerce website. This helps the management understand what are the changes that are to be done, if any? But keeping a track of every google e-commerce report and every category can prove to be exhausting and time-consuming. A google e-commerce report template will help you get your work organised and keep everything on track in a single platform. Why do we need a Google Ecommerce Reports Template? With an e-commerce report, you can track your purchase activity on the website or app and see product-related information, e-commerce conversion rate, average order value, time to purchase, and every other data. With so much information to analyse, it must be hectic to go through every detail separately. In order to keep a track of every purchase transaction and to be able to pull up any information whenever needed; you need to have a google e-commerce report template. With the template, your work will be much less because you will have access to all the information regarding the website in a single platform and it is easy to use. It gathers all the analytical information directly to the template for you to view seamlessly. Whether you need the report for managerial decision making or to attract investors, an e-commerce report template will make sure that you get your report in an attractive and easy way. How can Stackby’s Google Ecommerce Reports Template help you? The google e-commerce reports template from Stackby is the perfect solution for any manager who needs to keep a track of every google analytics report. The template is designed in a way that it makes updating and reviewing very easy and the colourful theme encourages you to work more. Using the Google Ecommerce Reports template, you will be able to: Connect and import the GA details for each view ID. Record the month, start date, and end date for which the data is being gathered and recorded. Track the quantity refunded and the quantity checked out. Record the quantity removed from and added to the cart. Track the quantity of the item. All of this falls under Ecommerce Quantity. In a similar manner, you can track the e-commerce translation, e-commerce product, e-commerce refund/ purchase, and e-commerce local transaction. Just link your google analytics account with the Google Ecommerce Reports template and all your e-commerce website reports will be ready for review automatically. Check out more related Templates :Ahref Seo Audit Google Search Console Report Google Analytics Report  
Google Search Console Reporting Template By Stackby Templates

Google Search Console Reporting

From deciding which phone to buy to finding directions to the nearest restaurant, people use google for everything today. Hence, visibility on Google has become a deciding factor in the success of any venture in the present time. So, the question arises. How do you analyse and improve your presence on Google? The answer lies in Google Search Console. What is Google Search Console?  Keep reading to find out. Simply put, Google Search Console will help you monitor and improve your website’s organic performance on Google. It analyses how Google views your website. Using the multiple tools provided by Google, you can significantly improve the website experience of your customers. Therefore, this is a must have for all businesses and so is the Google Search Console Reporting Template.  Why should you use Google Search Console? Google Search Console is used by everyone starting from business owners, web developers to SEO specialists. How does it help? It enables you to: Find queries that drive traffic to your website. View how often your website appears in Google search. List the sites that link to your website most often. Find out which pages on your website are more popular among users. Check your robot.txt file to view the pages that have been kept outside the purview of the search engine by you. Use the Fetch and Render tool to see how Google crawls your website. Fix your redirect and indexing problems. How to use Google Search Console? The self-explanatory interface allows anyone to use the search console by simply following each step. Add your website to Google Console using ‘Add a property’. Verify to Google that you’re the owner of that website. Navigate your google search dashboard to view the data generated by Google about your website. Google Search Console generates a ton of data on multiple fronts to analyse and improve your website’s performance. However, keeping track of this data can often leave you confused and overwhelmed. Well, you don’t need to worry! We’re here to help you out with our highly sought-after Google Search Console Reporting Template. While the search console will analyse and report your website’s organic performance, you can store and view the data on our template. Using the Google Search Console Reporting Template, you can: Track the performance of multiple websites in one place. Monitor the impression count (An impression is generated every time your website URL appears in a search result).  Keep track of the position and clicks of your website (A click is generated every time a user clicks on the link and exits Google Search). View and monitor the CTR or click-through rate (CTR is calculated by dividing clicks by impressions). Stackby’s template performance is guaranteed to exceed your highest expectations. Analyse, optimise and improve your website’s performance with the best Google Search Console Reporting Template in the market! Also, with other integrations like Google Analytics, Ahrefs, Moz and others, you can create hybrid dashboards to track different metrics on Stackby. Grow your presence online organically using the Google Search Console Reporting Template. Checkout more related Templates : Product Competitor Analysis Ahref Seo Audit Google Analytics Report Facebook Ad Campaign  
Ahrefs SEO Audit Template By Stackby Templates

Ahrefs SEO Audit

With content marketing, advertising through online platforms has become a major traffic source for businesses. Stackby brings the Ahrefs SEO Audit Template that helps the bu siness utilize the data and consumer attraction to their benefit. Why is SEO Audit Important? With a report of its online performance, the company increases its prospects of improving its products and services. Improved customer service and engagement increase their online presence and drive organic traffic, eventually improving sales. What Must Go in Your SEO Audit Report? 12 Checklists You Can't Miss!  How can Stackby’s Ahrefs SEO Audit Template help you? The straightforward manner of the template layout allows businesses to record their data with ease. It allows you to track your keyword positions and traffic with the help of Ahrefs API integration provided by Stackby. The backlinks generate value for the business, which can also be traced through the backlink feature. It increases the company's advertising and collaborative prospects. Most importantly, the following count can be traced with the help of the follower’s tracker. This allows the business to decide what type of content is largely consumed by what group of customers. Who will find this template useful? This template is useful for SEO marketing agencies as well as firms looking to increase their online presence. It is also beneficial for firms looking to track their consumer preferences to improve their products and services. Check out related Templates Content Audit Template 
Off-page SEO Plan Template by Stackby Templates

Off-page SEO Metrics

Have you ever wondered how more people can find your website or how to increase the traffic through your website? The best and easiest way is SEO or Search Engine Optimization . In the current digital era, most of us rely on search engines if we want to find something. Whether it’s the location of a restaurant we want to visit, the nearest grocery store, or the next new phone launch, search engines (mostly Google!) are the answer to every question we might have. So, if you are running an online business, it is essential to ensure that potential customers can find your website easily. It should be the first website that shows up when they search for your product or service. This is where SEO and our Off-page SEO Template come in. What is an Off-Page SEO Template? Stackby’s off-page SEO template is designed to help marketers and SEO specialists to keep track of all the off-page SEO metrics in one place. This template comes with an interlinked Moz API that can help you keep track of Domain authority Page authority Root domain External redirect pages to page External pages to page and many more! How can Stackby’s Off-Page SEO Plan Template Help You? Using Stackby’s Off-page SEO Plan Template, you can: Record all the websites and their corresponding SEO data on a single platform . Monitor the domain authority and page authority scale data. Track the external backlinks and external redirects. Keep track of other off-page metrics, including root domains to page, nofollow pages, nofollow root domains, and external nofollow pages. Monitor and import all the above metrics from Moz API automatically. Why does your business need SEO? Search Engine Optimization is the technique or process of optimizing your website and its content to increase its ranking on a search engine. Almost 94% of people who Google something clicks on links on the first page only. Hence, your website must be in the top few search results. This will help drive traffic to your website. Keep in mind that SEO is concerned with organic traffic and not paid search results. It is cost-effective and has a high return on investment. Drives traffic to your website, increasing brand awareness. The traffic pulled in by SEO can turn into conversions and boost your sales and revenue. A high ranking in search engines adds credibility to your website and improves brand perception. Customers prefer organic links over paid listings in a search engine. SEO can be both on-page and off-page. Off-page SEO encompasses all the techniques used and efforts taken outside your website to improve its ranking in search engines. From backlinks to internal links and link building, experts use several methods to optimize a website’s off-page presence . However, with too many website pages and even more metrics data, recording and tracking everything can be cumbersome. With the help of Stackby’s Off-page SEO Plan Template, you can create order out of that chaos. You can now integrate the interface with Moz SEO API for easier tracking and better optimization. Other API SEO integrations that you can use with this template: PagespeedSerpStat AhrefsAlexaSEMRush Check out this video on how to connect columns to an API + Data Explorer in Stackby Other SEO Templates to try: SEO Backlink Analysis Template Keyword Research Template Google Analytics Report Template Technical SEO Audit Template SEO Strategy Template To track your on-page metrics, check out the On-page SEO tracker template.
Google Analytics Report Template By Stackby Templates

Google Analytics Report

Google analytics report is an essential tool for digital marketers these days as it clearly indicates what is working for your business/your clients and what needs some tweaking. But, analyzing hundreds of Google Analytics metrics is impossible for a marketing team.  So, you can use a Google Analytics template to track only the most important KPIs for your business. Stackby’s automated Google Sheets Analytics report template takes away all the hassle of reporting and helps you track the KPIs on its own, without the need of entering numbers manually.  With our Google Analytics reporting template, you can combine all your Google Analytics data (Universal Analytics and GA4) from all other marketing channels so that you can identify how your marketing strategies are performing. What is Included in Stackby’s Google Analytics Report Template? Stackby’s Google Analytics Report template allows you to track the User data, Sessions data, and Traffic data from all your marketing channels based on the View ID. It includes three API Columns that let you connect with your Google Analytics Account using an API key.  Users API column: Enables you to get users by View ID Traffic API column: Enables you to get traffic by View ID Sessions API column: Enables you to get sessions by View ID Bring Data in Real-Time from your Google Analytics Account to Stackby  You can use the API columns to bring data in real-time to your Stackby table. You can also schedule automation that will bring in data on the specified day and time. Here’s a short video that can help you create time-triggered automation –  Include Important KPIs in Your Report Google analytics report template also includes a JSON data explorer that allows you to choose which data you want to showcase in the report.  Different Views for Different KPIs Manage your Users, Traffic, and Sessions Data separately in different Views with our Google Analytics Report template.  Reporting Controls: This view includes a brief summary of all the main Google Analytics metrics like the percentage of new sessions, new users, sessions per user, etc.  Users and Traffic: This view includes User data from Google Analytics such as the percentage of new sessions, new users, sessions per user, etc.  Sessions: This view includes all the metrics related to sessions such as hits, sessions, average session duration, bounces, bounce rate, etc.  Monthly Cards: This view gives you an overview of the top Google Analytics metrics in the form of cards that are easy to understand.  Share Google Analytics Report with your Clients Easily Stackby not only provides you with a centralized platform where you can collect all KPIs from different marketing channels but it also provides you with a collaborative platform where you can collaborate with your team or your clients and share real-time reports with them using the individual view share links on your toolbar.  Why is it essential to use Google Analytics? Unlike several digital analytics services, Google Analytics is available free of cost! Let’s see why it’s so important to sign up for this service. Reports website metrics, including page views, pages per visit, bounce rate, average time on site, and new visits. Helps you understand which channels have directed the most traffic to your website. Gives you an idea of the most common keywords used to access your website.  Allows you to track if a user completes a specific action on your website, that is, the website’s conversion rate. Monitors which users mostly use devices to access your website. Analyses your website content and the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. Helps you understand which strategies are working and bringing the maximum returns. Combined with easy access and a user-friendly interface, Google Analytics has become the go-to tool for users worldwide! Other SEO Templates from Stackby: On-page SEO Reporting Template  SEO Backlink Analysis Template  Google Search Console Reporting Template  Google E-Commerce Reporting Template 
SEO Strategy Template By Stackby Templates

SEO Strategy

Keywords play a vital role in content creation and to bring out the website from other competitors. Using relevant keywords in your content is as necessary as writing down the correct information. The analysis of keywords is a crucial step that has to be performed to bring out the best keywords from the competitors’ other content The keyword research template will help you find and manage all the keywords from different sites and let you know how many keywords have been used in each site’s content and frequency with the help of SerpStat's API.  It is easy to perform keyword analysis when you have every site’s information available in one place and all the keyword’s status in the other column. Combine it with SEO plan template will make your work easy and help you in managing your keywords. Why should you conduct & automate Keyword Analysis as a SEO Specialist? Keywords are the key to make your content or campaign shine out among other competitors. It is important to have keyword analysis because it allows you to: Spend efficiently: With keyword analysis, you would know what the crucial keywords are and in which words to spend your money.  Eye trends: Relevant keywords that are on the trend will help you in attracting an audience.  Increase conversions: Identifying and using well-converting keywords will help you in getting a better return on investment.  Prioritize your time: With a keyword analysis template, it is easy to find relevant keywords. You would manage your time that otherwise wouldn’t be possible if there was no keyword analysis template. Find new markets: Use keyword analysis to find new leads and increase your horizon. Despite all these advantages, most marketers do not spare enough time and money on keyword analysis because it consumes a lot of time.  But with the help of this SEO strategy template, you can save a lot of time by getting to the relevant keywords in no time and automatically tracking the details (volume, difficulty etc.), making you more productive.  Search and find your relevant keywords with the help of this SEO Strategy template and create your content calendar on that basis. It will help you effectively strategize your time and work schedule, and your money would be spent on the keywords that are worth the effort. 
SEO Backlink Analysis Template By Stackby Templates

SEO Backlink Analysis

Boost your website’s search engine optimization with this backlink analysis template. SEO is carried out on multiple fronts and consists of several aspects and techniques. Backlinks form an essential part of any effective SEO strategy. They help you discover which websites fall in your niche and share the same audience.  What are backlinks? Backlinks are links from a page on a website to another website. It is a very common concept in search engine optimization and contributes to the ranking of a website on a search engine. Put in simple terms, when a web page links to any other page, it is called a backlink. There are two types of links that you must know of - nofollow links and dofollow links. Nofollow links do not contribute to the ranking of a webpage. The presence of a nofollow tag tells the search engine to ignore that link. On the other hand, dofollow links are links without a nofollow tag. It is the default state of any link. How will backlinks help you? If you’re going to spend your time and resources developing and maintaining quality backlinks, then it’s good to know how they will help your business: The number of backlinks indicates the popularity of your website. Quality links from authoritative websites add credibility to your web page. They tell a search engine that others vouch for and refer to your web page. Drive traffic to your website, which leads to increased awareness about your company or product. Increase the web presence and visibility of your website. For a backlink to significantly contribute to your company website’s search engine ranking, it should be from an authoritative, relevant, and quality site. Analyzing your website’s backlink profile enables you to understand if your current strategy is working in your favor. What is Serpstat? Serpstat SEO is a tool that can be used by your marketing team to conduct comprehensive SEO analysis and SEO rank reporting of your website, including backlink audit and analysis. However, keeping track and monitoring all the backlink analysis-related data can sometimes be challenging. This is why we, at Stackby, developed an SEO Backlink Analysis Template! With our SEO link analysis reports template, you can import and integrate all your backlink data from Serpstat with the click of a single button! Out of all the available analytic report templates available, here’s why you should choose us. How will Stackby’s SEO Backlink Analysis Template Help You? With this template, you will be able to: Keep track of the backlink analysis of all your websites. Monitor the total outlines, external domains, and referring IPs. Track the dofollow and nofollow links data. Record the referring links and referring domains. Create a backlink analysis report for stakeholders or managers.  Monitor and update other backlink analysis data as and when required. What are the Features of SEO Backlink Analysis Template? #1 Analyze your competitors: Discover who are your top competitors and have the same backlinks as you.  #2 Find opportunities: Tap into the missed backlink opportunities by checking the backlinks of your competitors.  #3 Analyze and Report: Generate a backlink analysis report and share it with your team. You can change the SEO analysis report format based on your business requirements.  Monitor all your web pages’ backlink profiles from a single interface with minimum effort! Use our free template today!  Other SEO Templates: Keyword Research template: to automate your keyword research and content planning process SEO Keyword Tracker template: to track your domain’s num b er of keywords
On-page SEO Reporting Template By Stackby Templates

On-page SEO Reporting

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the strategy used to optimize the content of your website to increase its visibility and ranking in organic search engine results. SEO increases the quality and quantity of traffic through your website. When a person looks for something on a search engine, the latter crawls through websites looking for content that matches the keywords entered by the user. Your job is to make sure that the search engine picks and displays your website first if it matches the user’s query. Why is SEO important? Companies across the globe are devoting increasing time and resources to SEO in recent times. The question arises: why? SEO focuses on organic results which are considered by users to be more credible and generate far more traffic than paid advertisements. It increases visibility and enhances the user experience to a large extent. It increases traffic to your website, which can lead to greater conversions. Effective SEO can give you that extra edge over your competitor. Allows you to understand what users search for and optimize your website content accordingly. It is a cost-effective strategy to increase brand awareness and loyalty. Thus, SEO is the cornerstone of online marketing and brand awareness and Stackby’s On-page SEO Reporting Template serves as the foundation for SEO Success.  What is On-Page SEO? When you optimize the contents of your website itself to increase website traffic, it is called on-page SEO. On the other hand, when you optimize content by taking actions outside your website, it is called off-page SEO. External backlinks form a part of off-page SEO. What is covered under on-page SEO? Use of keywords in your website content and URL. Tracking the speed of your web pages. Adding a meta description to your article content. Adding paragraph subheadings (H1, H2) to enhance user experience. Perfect your website using all such methods and move on to off-page and technical SEO. Mastering the art of SEO and keeping track of every aspect can be a daunting task. That’s why we’re here. Stackby’s Website SEO Performance Tracking Template is tailor-made to assist you in your SEO strategy! With Google PageSpeed API integration, this Website SEO reporting template will track your SEO reports and help you optimize your website in real-time by allowing you to: Keep track of every page or website that is a part of your SEO process. Record the document title and meta description used on the website. Record and update the SEO audit score. Monitor the crawlable and canonical aspects of the website. Monitor and update all SEO related data as and when required. Now keep track of every detail of your website's technical SEO process with the On-page SEO Reporting template. Use it in tandem with Website Performance Tracking template to cover both performance and SEO metrics with Google PageSpeed API integration. Check out More Related Templated :Google Search Console Report Google Analytics Report Facebook Ad Campaign