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Website Performance Management Template

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Website Performance Management Template
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In the era of digital and technological revolution, your entire world can be reduced to the screen of a tablet! From shopping for everyday groceries to buying a car, we resort to the online world for literally everything!

So, the companies selling their products and services have to ensure that the user experience of their website is flawless if they want customers to be loyal to their brand in the long run.

A company’s primary online presence is its website. The website is used to launch and sell products and provide customer service. Now, consider a situation where you want to buy a company’s product. The first thing you’ll do is visit their website. However, if it takes too long for the website to load, there is a high chance that you will change your mind and switch to another brand. This clearly depicts the need for peak website performance and the inclusion of our Website Performance Management Template. 

Every company monitors and manages particular aspects of their website to ensure that it is optimized to the max. This is website performance management.

Website performance management is analyzing and monitoring the website to make sure that it interacts seamlessly with users. Why is it important?

  • Ensures that the site’s content does not take too long to load.
  • Enhances customer experience.
  • Reduces bounce rates and, in turn, increases customer retention and contributes to brand loyalty.
  • Increases the number of visits and conversions to your website.
  • Creates a good impression and improves brand perception.

How does Google’s PageSpeed Insights help?

PageSpeed Insights is a tool that analyses your website and highlights the issues causing the low speed and performance of your website. It performs this function for both the mobile and desktop versions of your website. With PageSpeed Insights, you can conduct an on-page performance audit of your website to gauge its speed and improve its SEO rank.

Once you’ve perfected your performance management plan, executing and keeping track of everything is key to success. That’s where our Website Performance Management Template comes in. 

With Stackby’s Website Performance Management Template, you can integrate your website performance data from PageSpeed Insights and keep track and update each detail from a single interface!

Using Stackby’s Website Performance Management Template, you will be able to:

  • Track the performance of your website without any hassle!
  • Store a list of the websites whose performance you’re tracking and analyzing.
  • Import performance analysis data from PageSpeed Insights.
  • Record the total byte weight and input latency.
  • Monitor the request count and transfer sizes.
  • Keep track of the bootup time.
  • Record and monitor the speed index.
  • Update the records to get a real-time analysis of your website’s performance.

Stackby’s state-of-the-art performance review template will make website performance management a walk in the park for your SEO & marketing team!

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