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Content Marketing Distribution Template

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From Facebook posts to Tweets, video blogs to Pinterest, the content you create and share online in different modes on many platforms contributes towards increasing your digital presence. Hence, our Content Marketing Distribution Template is a must-have for all businesses. 

Why is it essential to manage and track content's distribution analytics?

The content you share online on different platforms needs to be analyzed and tracked to gauge the reaction it is receiving from the consumers. It is essential to use social sharing analytics because it will:

  • Help you decide which platform is working in your favor (Your Facebook post share count maybe thrice that of your blog share count. You can devote more resources towards Facebook and restructure your blog).
  • Create better content for your posts (The analytics data will let you know which content drives the best results).
  • Create a better strategy to increase your online presence.
  • Quantifies the impact of the content you’ve shared, making it easier to analyze and report. 
  • Measure your performance against your social media goals.
  • Help you reallocate your budget towards content and platforms that are bringing the desired results.

By analyzing and studying social sharing analytics, you can customize and create content to target specific consumers, increase customer acquisition, enhance brand loyalty and, ultimately, improve your sales and revenue. 

With too many platforms and multiple posts per platform, keeping track of the performance and share count can be a chaotic and gruesome task.

But you don’t need to worry! Stackby is here to your rescue with its Content Social Sharing Analytics Template. Track the effectiveness of your social media posts, blogs, and websites with this easy-to-use template with a straightforward interface which will allow you to:

  • Keep track of each content shared online separately.
  • View and track metrics such as shared count, reaction count, and the total count for all the content you have shared online.
  • Assign a Lead and Team to each content to increase accountability. You can track the number of posts/ articles already published by each one and the number of the same left to publish.
  • Track the publish date and type of content.
  • Add a status to each post (To-Do/ In-Draft/Revision needed/Published).

The metrics that we display are sourced from SharedCount. SharedCount is an extremely reliable online service that monitors the number of instances a URL has been shared and analyses your online content’s effectiveness. It handles 2.5 billion requests every month and provides over 500 free API calls per day.

Use our Content Marketing Distribution Template and manage your end to end content flow in matter of minutes! Managing a blog? Check out our blog content calendar template as well. 

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