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SEO Strategy Template

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SEO Strategy Template
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Keywords play a vital role in content creation and to bring out the website from other competitors. Using relevant keywords in your content is as necessary as writing down the correct information. The analysis of keywords is a crucial step that has to be performed to bring out the best keywords from the competitors’ other content

The keyword research template will help you find and manage all the keywords from different sites and let you know how many keywords have been used in each site’s content and frequency with the help of SerpStat's API. 

It is easy to perform keyword analysis when you have every site’s information available in one place and all the keyword’s status in the other column. Combine it with SEO plan template will make your work easy and help you in managing your keywords.

Why should you conduct & automate Keyword Analysis as a SEO Specialist?

Keywords are the key to make your content or campaign shine out among other competitors. It is important to have keyword analysis because it allows you to:

  • Spend efficiently: With keyword analysis, you would know what the crucial keywords are and in which words to spend your money. 
  • Eye trends: Relevant keywords that are on the trend will help you in attracting an audience. 
  • Increase conversions: Identifying and using well-converting keywords will help you in getting a better return on investment. 
  • Prioritize your time: With a keyword analysis template, it is easy to find relevant keywords. You would manage your time that otherwise wouldn’t be possible if there was no keyword analysis template.
  • Find new markets: Use keyword analysis to find new leads and increase your horizon.

Despite all these advantages, most marketers do not spare enough time and money on keyword analysis because it consumes a lot of time. 

But with the help of this SEO strategy template, you can save a lot of time by getting to the relevant keywords in no time and automatically tracking the details (volume, difficulty etc.), making you more productive. 

Search and find your relevant keywords with the help of this SEO Strategy template and create your content calendar on that basis. It will help you effectively strategize your time and work schedule, and your money would be spent on the keywords that are worth the effort. 

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