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Form Templates

Create custom forms to bring responses from anywhere directly in your Stackby tables. Embed these forms on any website or share the link to start collecting responses. Get started in 2 minutes with these form templates.

There are 2 types of forms: Normal Forms and Updatable Forms.

Normal Forms: allows you to create forms where users can only submit responses.

Updatable Forms: allows you to create and edit form responses. Best for internal team members.

Purchase Approval Form Templates

Purchase Approval Form

Now you don’t need to manage misplaced receipts, forgotten requests and rouge spending. Buckle up as Stackby’s Purchase Approval Form Template can turn your efficient management dream into reality. Managing purchases can be a crucial task and traditional methods like paper forms, unclear communication and lost documentation can turn into a financial and logistical nightmare. That’s where Stackby’s Purchase Approval Form Template swoops in, wielding the power of automation and a streamlined purchase approval process. Here’s Why you Need Stackby’s Purchase Approval Form Imagine a world where requesting and approving purchases is a smooth system just like swiping smartphones. With Stackby’s customizable Purchase Approval Form template, you exactly get that. Item Description: Eliminate the mystery box of purchases by writing a clear description of the requested item. Now you don’t need to worry more about the items. Quantity: You can ensure you get exactly what you need. Specifically updating the quantity helps avoid or delay the insufficient supplies. Estimated Cost: Keep your budget in check with the help of Purchase Approval Form. This will help in planning and ensuring the purchases stay within the approved limits for your purchase order. Vendor Information: Streamline the communication from the get go. You can capture vendor details like contact information that helps facilitate a smooth purchasing process. Remarks or Justification: Empower faster decision making by adding a column for it. A clear explanation for the same helps approvers understand the needs and make informed decisions with the help of Stackby’s purchase order approval template. Why Stackby’s Purchase Approval Form Template? Unclear requests, confused receipts and irregular spendings can be disadvantageous to your company’s financial lifeblood. Here’s how a well-defined purchase approval workflow facilitated by Stackby’s template can be a financial saver. Maintains Control Over Spending: Set clear spending limits with the help of Stackby’s template for different departments or individuals within the workflow. This ensures that all the purchases are aligned with the company needs and stay within budget constraints in your purchase order form. Boost Transparency and Accountability: The template will keep everyone informed when they are added as a collaborator. This will reduce errors and foster better management as well as responsible spending. Simplify the Approval Process: There will be no more chasing down the right person for approvals. Stackby’s workflow system automatically routes the request to the designated approvers based on the pre-defined criteria. The purchase order approval form speeds up the purchase process and helps manage an effective workflow. What are the Benefits of Using Stackby’s Purchase Approval Form? Here are certain benefits of using the template: Seamless Integrations: You can easily connect your purchase approvals to your existing account software, project management tools or any other relevant platform which you have been using in the company for management of inventory. This eliminates manual data entry and ensures synchronized financial data of the firm. Powerful Automations: Say goodbye to repetitive tasks! With this template you can set up automated workflows to streamline your process of purchases. Reminders, approvals, automatic updates all in one place without any extra manual effort. Customizable Views: Bogged down with unnecessary information? Not now! Stackby allows you to create custom views based on user roles such as Kanban or calendar. Managers see a clear overview of all the pending approvals and requesters can track the status of specific submissions. Track your Purchases Database Efficiently Now you don’t need to waste your time and money on inefficient purchase approvals. Sign up for a free trial of Stackby today and discover how Purchase Approval Form Template transforms your purchasing process and helps you track your entire purchases database. Experience the power of Stackby by signing up today!
Leave Request Form  Templates

Leave Request Form

Managing leave requests can be a hassle, whether you’re an employee looking to take time off or an HR professional keeping track of everyone’s leave. That’s where Stackby’s Leave Request Form Template comes in handy. This easy-to-use template streamlines the leave request process, making it simple for employees to submit requests and for managers to approve them. Say goodbye to the paperwork and confusion, and say hello to a smooth, organized leave management system. Why Use the Leave Request Form Template? Simplify the Leave Request Process Submitting and managing leave requests can be tedious. With Stackby’s Leave Request Form Template, everything is simplified. Employees can easily fill out the form, and managers can review and approve requests in a snap. This streamlined process saves time and reduces errors, ensuring a smooth workflow. Keep Everything Organized No more lost emails or misplaced forms! All leave requests are stored in one place, making it easy to keep track of who’s off and when. This organization helps in planning workloads and ensures that all requests are documented and accessible. Enhance Communication Clear communication is crucial for a well-functioning team. Stackby’s template ensures that all necessary information is communicated effectively. Employees provide details about their leave, and managers can easily approve or deny requests, all within the same system. Customizable to Fit Your Needs Every organization is different, and so are their leave policies. Stackby’s template is fully customizable, allowing you to tailor it to your specific requirements. Add or remove fields, set up automatic notifications, and adjust the approval process to fit your company’s needs. Improve Transparency Transparency is key to building trust within a team. This template provides a clear record of all leave requests and approvals, making the process transparent for both employees and managers. Everyone knows what’s been approved, what’s pending, and the status of each request. Who Can Benefit from This Template? HR Professionals For HR professionals, managing leave requests can be a significant part of the job. This template helps streamline the process, reduce paperwork, and keep all requests organized and easily accessible. It’s a must-have tool for any HR department. Managers Managers need to keep track of their team’s availability to plan workloads effectively. This template allows managers to review and approve leave requests quickly, ensuring they always know who’s available and who’s not. Employees Submitting a vacation request form template should be straightforward and stress-free for employees. Stackby’s template makes it easy for employees to request time off, providing a clear process and quick approvals. Small Businesses Small businesses often have limited resources for managing administrative tasks. This leave of absence form template provides an efficient way to handle leave requests without the need for complex software or systems. Remote Teams For remote teams, clear communication and organized processes are even more critical. This holiday request form template ensures that all team members, no matter where they are, can submit and manage leave requests seamlessly. Managing leave requests doesn’t have to be a headache. With Stackby’s Leave Request Form Template, you can streamline the process, keep everything organized, and enhance communication within your team. Whether you’re an HR professional, a manager, or an employee, this template provides the tools you need to handle leave requests efficiently and effectively. Say goodbye to the chaos and confusion, and embrace a simpler way to manage leave. Try Stackby’s Leave Request Form Template today and see the difference it makes!
Employee Feedback Form - free to use - Stackby Templates

Employee Feedback Form

What is a Feedback Form ? A feedback form is a structured document used to collect valuable insights, opinions, and assessments from individuals. In the context of the workplace, an Employee Feedback Form serves as a tool for employees to share their thoughts, experiences, and suggestions regarding various aspects of their work environment, performance, and overall satisfaction. What should you include in employee feedback forms ? Employee Information: Name, Department, Position. Performance Assessment: Areas to evaluate performance and achievements. Job Satisfaction: Questions on job contentment, work-life balance, and workplace culture. Specific Feedback: Sections for constructive feedback and improvement suggestions. Suggestions: Space for employees to propose ideas for enhancing workplace conditions. How to make feedback forms with Stackby ? Utilise Stackby's customizable templates, such as the Employee Feedback Form template linked above. Modify fields based on your specific requirements, including performance metrics, satisfaction ratings, and open-ended feedback sections. Leverage Stackby's collaboration features for real-time feedback collection and analysis. What is 360 Employee feedback ? 360-degree feedback involves gathering input from various sources, including peers, subordinates, and supervisors, in addition to the self-assessment of the employee. This comprehensive approach provides a well-rounded perspective on an employee's performance and behaviour. Tips for your Employee Feedback Form ? Keep questions clear and specific to gather actionable insights. Include a mix of quantitative (rating scales) and qualitative (open-ended) questions. Ensure anonymity if seeking honest and unbiased feedback. Periodically update and adapt the feedback form to reflect changing organisational needs. What to do with employee feedback ? Analyse feedback trends to identify areas for improvement. Recognize and acknowledge positive feedback. Develop action plans based on constructive criticism. Communicate changes and improvements to employees to demonstrate a commitment to their feedback. Creating an effective Employee Feedback Form with Stackby and utilising the insights gathered can contribute significantly to employee engagement, satisfaction, and overall organisational growth. Checkout more related Template : Agency Talent Management Template Employee Onboarding Form & Onboarding Template Employee Feedback tracker Template Employee Directory Template Employee Performance Management
Employee Onboarding Form - Stackby Templates

Employee Onboarding Form

Track and manage your entire new employee onboarding process in a single place with this employee onboarding form template. What is an Employee Onboarding Forms Form ? An Employee Onboarding Form is a structured document used during the onboarding process to collect essential information from new hires. It ensures a smooth transition into the organisation by gathering details related to personal information, employment history, and necessary documentation. Formal vs Informal Onboarding Forms Formal Onboarding Forms are standardised documents used across all new hires, ensuring consistency in information collection. Informal Onboarding Forms may include additional, more personalised questions to cater to specific roles or individual needs. Onboarding Best Practices Beginning before the starting day : Send welcome materials, including an agenda, company policies, and required forms, before the employee's start date. HR Process : Efficiently handle paperwork and administrative processes to avoid delays in the onboarding process. Get to know the office : Facilitate introductions to team members and provide a tour of the office space. Tools and equipment : Ensure that the new employee has access to necessary tools, equipment, and technology. Build the contacts : Encourage networking by introducing the new hire to key individuals and teams. Evaluation : Regularly assess the onboarding process to identify areas for improvement and ensure its effectiveness. How to Build Employee Onboarding forms with Stackby Start with Stackby's Employee Onboarding Form template linked above. Customise fields based on the information specific to your organisation's onboarding requirements. Utilise conditional formatting and automation features for a more streamlined onboarding process. Collaborate with team members in real-time to ensure all necessary details are captured. Creating a comprehensive Employee Onboarding Form with Stackby facilitates a structured and efficient onboarding process, contributing to a positive experience for new hires and setting the stage for their success within the organisation. Checkout more related Template : Agency Talent Management Template Employee Feedback tracker Template Employee Directory Template Employee Performance Management Employee Feedback Form Customer Onboarding Form 
Customer Onboarding Form - Stackby Templates

Customer Onboarding Form

Track and collect details from your new clients with this customer onboarding form template. What is the Customer Onboarding Form ? A Customer Onboarding Form is a document or set of forms used during the customer onboarding process to gather essential information from new customers. It ensures a smooth transition into a product or service by collecting details related to customer needs, preferences, and necessary documentation. How does customer onboarding template help you ? Streamlines the onboarding process by providing a structured framework. Ensures consistent data collection for all new customers. Enhances communication between teams involved in onboarding. Improves customer experience by tailoring onboarding to individual requirements. Facilitates better understanding of customer expectations and goals. Customer Onboarding Checklist Scope, Requirements, Resource : Define the scope of the onboarding process, customer requirements, and allocate necessary resources. Value Realization : Identify key milestones and deliverables to ensure customers realise the value of the product or service. Stakeholder Management : Establish communication channels and designate responsible parties for effective stakeholder management. Methodology : Define the onboarding methodology, including step-by-step procedures for customer engagement. Documentation & project tracking : Maintain thorough documentation of customer interactions and use project tracking tools to monitor progress. How to create a customer Onboarding Template by using Stackby ? Begin with Stackby's Customer Onboarding Template or create a new one. Customise fields to include customer details, onboarding milestones, and communication logs. Utilise conditional formatting for visual clarity and automation features to streamline repetitive tasks. Collaborate with relevant teams in real-time to ensure a cohesive onboarding experience. Creating a Customer Onboarding Template in Stackby simplifies the onboarding process, allowing organisations to efficiently manage customer relationships, provide personalised experiences, and ensure the successful adoption of products or services. 
Job Requisition Form Template By Stackby Templates

Job Requisition Form

The HR department of a company is responsible for finding, screening, and hiring the best candidates for every other department. What does a department do if it wants to recruit new employees? How does it communicate its hiring needs to the HR department? The answer to the question is – Job Requisition Form! What is a job requisition? Job requisition is the first step in the recruitment process. It is an internal document that acts as a formal request for a new position. Departmental managers use it to request the hiring of a new employee. Departmental managers fill out a requisition when they want to create a new position or fill an existing department position. It streamlines the recruitment process and helps a company in prioritizing its hiring needs. A job requisition will include a wide range of information starting from the department you’re hiring for, the manager’s details, the reason for recruitment, nature of the job, the expected salary range, the potential date of joining, and the list of qualifications required and so on. Job requisition is essential for a company as it formalizes the hiring process and lays down the department’s needs to the hiring manager. It enhances the transparency of the company’s HR department and even allows them to measure their recruiting KPIs easily! However, if your company’s different departments follow their job requisition format, the entire process becomes quite cumbersome. To solve this issue and help you manage multiple job requisitions, Stackby is here with its custom-made Job Requisition Form Template! This template provides you with a standard format for an employee requisition form that can be used by all your departments for their hiring needs. Apart from this, you can also keep track of all the current job requisitions in one place easily! How will Stackby’s Job Requisition Form Template help you and your team members?  Using this employee requisition form template, you will be able to: Track the multiple job requisitions on a single interface. Record the date on which the requirement was posted. Store the title of the position you want to fill. You can also record the corresponding department that has made the job requisition. Track the type of opening and check if it’s an urgent hire. This will help your HR department prioritize its time and resources towards critical positions. Store the reasons for recruitment and the responsibilities that will form a part of this position. Record the details of the supervising officer for each job. Add the educational and other qualifications required for a job. Check the current status of each job requisition to see if it has been approved or not. Monitor, track, and update the details as and when required. Job requisition is highly essential for a company, and we have created the perfect tool to help you with it. Start using the Job Requisition Form template today to streamline your critical HR process. Checkout other related Templates :Agency Template Management Daily Attendance Sheet