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Job Requisition Form Template

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Job Requisition Form Template
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The HR department of a company is responsible for finding, screening, and hiring the best candidates for every other department. What does a department do if it wants to recruit new employees? How does it communicate its hiring needs to the HR department?

The answer to the question is – Job Requisition Form!

What is a job requisition?

Job requisition is the first step in the recruitment process. It is an internal document that acts as a formal request for a new position. Departmental managers use it to request the hiring of a new employee.

Departmental managers fill out a requisition when they want to create a new position or fill an existing department position. It streamlines the recruitment process and helps a company in prioritizing its hiring needs.

A job requisition will include a wide range of information starting from the department you’re hiring for, the manager’s details, the reason for recruitment, nature of the job, the expected salary range, the potential date of joining, and the list of qualifications required and so on.

Job requisition is essential for a company as it formalizes the hiring process and lays down the department’s needs to the hiring manager. It enhances the transparency of the company’s HR department and even allows them to measure their recruiting KPIs easily!

However, if your company’s different departments follow their job requisition format, the entire process becomes quite cumbersome. To solve this issue and help you manage multiple job requisitions, Stackby is here with its custom-made Job Requisition Form Template!

This template provides you with a standard format for an employee requisition form that can be used by all your departments for their hiring needs. Apart from this, you can also keep track of all the current job requisitions in one place easily!

How will Stackby’s Job Requisition Form Template help you and your team members? 

Using this employee requisition form template, you will be able to:

  • Track the multiple job requisitions on a single interface.
  • Record the date on which the requirement was posted.
  • Store the title of the position you want to fill. You can also record the corresponding department that has made the job requisition.
  • Track the type of opening and check if it’s an urgent hire. This will help your HR department prioritize its time and resources towards critical positions.
  • Store the reasons for recruitment and the responsibilities that will form a part of this position.
  • Record the details of the supervising officer for each job.
  • Add the educational and other qualifications required for a job.
  • Check the current status of each job requisition to see if it has been approved or not.
  • Monitor, track, and update the details as and when required.

Job requisition is highly essential for a company, and we have created the perfect tool to help you with it. Start using the Job Requisition Form template today to streamline your critical HR process.

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