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Press Release Request Management Template By Stackby Templates

Press Release Request Management

Public Relations has gained momentum these days. Bloggers, brands and almost every other online business wants to expand their PR outreach and find new platforms to showcase themselves. This is why PR agencies get numerous requests every day and sometimes managing these requests can become a real hassle.  Stackby has now made organizing and managing PR requests much easier with our easy-to-use Press Release Request Management template because if you are not organized, you might miss many potential clients.  Collect, review, organize and prioritize all your PR requests in no time Add data to your stack automatically using Stackby forms  Track all press requests converting into press releases  Manage all your PR contacts in one place  Time is of the essence for PR professionals and our Press Release Request Management template helps you record, track, understand, and respond to every request as soon as possible. If you have your whole PR team at your disposal, you can share this template with them and all of them can work upon press release requests from time to time.  What’s included in Stackby’s Press Release Request Management Template?  Our PR Request Management Template includes three separate tables that will help you organize and monitor your PR requests, Press Releases, and PR Contacts respectively.  Our template also includes different views that will help you visualize your PR requests based on the subject status, subjects type, and published by status.  The template comes with a pre-built PR request form that you can share anywhere on your website, blogs, or via a direct link.  The template also includes different views for visualizing the press release list based on status and date of publishing.  Who can use Stackby’s Press Release Request Management Template?  Stackby’s press release request management template is useful for PR agencies or marketing agencies who are handling the public relations of different clients.  How will Stackby’s Press Release Request Management Template help you?  Our press release request management template will help you bring all your team together and manage the PR request process in real-time. It will make the whole workflow of PR request management much easier for you. With this template, you will be able to do the following: Manage all the PR requests from different channels in one place Track the status of the press release requests (Due, Approved, Pending, Rejected, etc) Record the contact name for every PR request  Record the press release date for every PR request you receive  Store the description of the press release request  Track the type of PR requests you receive (Event, Daily News, Hiring Updates, etc) Track the details of the press release for every request that you receive  Track the press release associated with every contact  Keep a record of the publication website  Store details of PR contacts (Photograph, Phone Number, Email, PR request send, Number of requests sent, Number of press releases approved, Number of press releases pending, etc) Take your organizational skills a step further by incorporating various automation, security, and privacy features that Stackby has to offer to you and smoothen your workflow even more. Use our Press release request management template right away and enhance your productivity.
PR Agency CRM Template By Stackby Templates

PR Agency CRM

Are you a PR agency looking for ways to manage your projects, handle your clients and track your team's progress? If yes, then you must try Stackby’s PR Agency CRM template. This is a pre-built template, created by our experts for PR agencies who want to: Start building/ maintaining their contact lists  Understand what is important for their contacts Keep in touch with their clients and contacts  Monitor their pitches & team's activities  Collaborate with the team to get things done  Stay up to date on every project/client  Measure the results  CRM or Customer Relationship Management can help Public Relations (PR) teams to manage their interactions with their current and potential clients. As we all know that a CRM is not just about maintaining and managing contacts, but is about building and managing relationships with your clients. So, public relations teams can take advantage of this feature of a CRM tool and nurture their client relationships in a more organized fashion. Top 3 benefits of using our pre-built CRM for public relations: Manage contacts in a breeze: Say goodbye to spreadsheets and store all your press contacts in one place. Our PR Agency CRM template can be further used to store complete details of your contacts like their social media handles, files, documents, contracts, meeting history, payments, invoices, email correspondence, and much more!  Follow-up consistently: No need to go back and forth with your clients or PR contacts for confirming the meeting timings. You can keep a track of your schedule from your PR Agency CRM, take meeting notes, and share the details of your meetings with your team.  Track your progress: If you want to track which of your PR pitches got approved, how many pitches got published, what’s the community size of every publication where your brand got exposure and so on, you can use this CRM template.  Who can use Stackby’s PR Agency CRM Template?  Our pre-built template of CRM for PR agencies is useful for PR agencies or marketing agencies who are handling the public relations of different clients.  How will Stackby’s PR Agency CRM Template help you?  The CRM template for PR agencies by Stackby includes three separate tables to monitor and record your progress in article creations, publications, and press contacts respectively. With this template, you will be able to do the following: Monitor all the PR articles that you are creating  Attach briefs related to every article  Store the links for every article so that you can access them at any time  Track which articles are published under which publication  Store the date and time of publication of the articles  Maintain any notes related to PR articles  Track all the publications and their status (Trade publications, online articles, blog, etc) Track the contacts related to every publication  Keep a record of the press contacts (publication, face shot, email address, community size, articles, etc) Using our PR agency CRM template is safe and secure. It is much more than keeping a track of your tasks in a spreadsheet. Now you can organize all your PR-related tasks for every client in a much robust way and share the project with your team members and/or clients, all at the same time.Checkout more related Templates : Product Competitor Analysis
PR Agency Activity Tracker Template By Stackby Templates

PR Agency Activity Tracker

Public Relations or PR is one of the most effective ways for businesses to build a strong online reputation. It involves creating strategies for how a business can create their goodwill and develop a cordial, trustworthy relationship with their target audience.  A good PR strategy can actually change the future of your business and help you overcome any obstacle. A business may have its own PR management team or may hire an agency to manage its public relations.  Benefits of a PR Agency  Public relations agencies can improve the credibility of a business. PR helps in sending a positive message about the organization to the audience and ensures that your customers respond positively. With the right PR message, you can build trust with your target audience.  A PR agency can increase brand awareness by helping your target audience understand your product and services. PR agencies or teams find channels and influencers who can spread the message of the company to the right audience. The more people will come to know about your brand, the more likely they will connect with it.  PR agencies can be a huge help in disaster management. For instance, when your business receives some bad reviews from a few customers. In such a case, you need to clarify your image instantly and showcase to people that you have handled the issues gracefully. This can be done with the help of social media, press releases, and posting content on promotional sites.  PR agencies can showcase how you are a huge member of the community and the efforts you are making towards the betterment of the community. For instance, if your business is involved in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities, PR can use that to enhance your brand image.  Last, but not least, PR agencies can help you find new customers and increase your sales. Your business stories and press releases form a doorway for new customers. PR teams ensure that your message is crafted the right way and resonates with your target audience.  Who can use Stackby’s PR Agency Activity Tracker Template? This template is useful for PR agencies or marketing agencies who are handling the public relations of different clients.  How will Stackby’s PR Agency Activity Tracker Template help you?  With Stackby’s PR Agency Activity Tracker Template PR agencies can track the different PR tasks being implemented. They can keep a check on which team member is responsible for which task.  With this PR Agency Activity Tracker template, you will be able to do the following:  Track all your PR tasks in one place Monitor the type of PR tasks for every client Set priorities on different PR tasks (High/ Medium/ Low)  Track the leads associated with each task Monitor the deadlines with every PR task  Add notes related to every PR task  Record the people responsible for different PR tasks  Track the status of the PR task, whether a task is completed  Store the invoice for every PR task Stackby’s PR Agency Activity Tracker Template gives you the complete picture of all your PR tasks in one place. You can also add more columns and data to the template and personalize it the way you want. Sort your workflow easily with Stackby.Checkout more related Templates : Product Competitor Analysis 
Content Audit Template By Stackby Templates

Content Audit

Knowing how well your content is performing is one of the most important aspects of content marketing. If you don't keep track of your content's performance, it simply means that your campaigns are being shot in the dark! The whole campaign and the individual pieces in the campaign require an audit. Stackby’s Content Audit template can help you out with that.  Why audit the content? Because not auditing content leads to losing opportunities along with wasting your money and time.  A content audit is needed to understand which of your published content performs the best and vice versa. It can assess your content marketing efforts' current status or identify any shortcomings in your website's SEO efforts.  Why do we need a Content Audit Template? A content audit is required to dissect a company's overall performance and see its metrics and channels. This helps to determine what is working and what is not.  But let's be honest, auditing content seems like such a daunting task. And as you add on content on your website or even your campaign, the load increases manifolds. Will this task not take weeks?  No. It only takes 20 minutes. All you need is a content audit template.  A content audit template will help you maintain a complete list and information regarding the number and status of your published content. It will also help keep a detailed list of other information regarding the published content and the actionability status.  It makes your work easier as you will not have to go back to every published content to understand how they perform. You can store all the information regarding content auditing, update and performance status in one place.  Who will find this template useful? This Content audit template will be useful for the content team, content head, marketing teams, business owners & SMEs.  How will Stackby’s Content Audit Template help you? Stackby's content audit template is completely free and customizable. Using this template, you will be able to: Store all the details of your content audit in one place.  List each content that needs to be audited. Keep track of the platform of each content (Podcast/ Blog/ Newsletter/ Product Update/ Website/ Infographics/ etc.). Add attachments of the content, if any, to the template itself.  Record the name of the content collaborator in each case.  Track the status of the audit in real-time.  Record the format of the content whose audit is being done (Audio/ Article/ PDF/ HTML/ etc.) Store the link to the content in the template itself.  Record the type and priority status in each case.  Track each iteration as well as the average rating for each content audit.  Add recommendations in each case, if any.  Use the content audit software to do the analytical research to know the performance of your last content on the website. What is working for your content to make it more readable? Our template is free to use.  If you are looking forward to conducting your website’s content audit, this is the template for you. Easily update the Content Audit template anytime and anywhere and customize it according to your needs.  You will also find these templates useful: Blog Content Calendar Podcast Editorial Calendar Ahref Seo Audit Content Audit Template
Podcast Editorial Calendar Template By Stackby Templates

Podcast Editorial Calendar

Let’s face it, running a podcast is hard, especially when you’re starting out. You need to have an effective plan in place to really see any sustainable results from your effort. This is right from thinking about an episode idea to publishing and tracking its results. At StackBy, we know how hard this is. Hence, we’ve created this podcast planning template. It covers everything from tracking your podcast episodes, guests, sponsorships, and more. Here’s we’ve tried to cover all major elements in the podcast planning template. The template is divided into five different sheets - Podcast Episodes - This sheet allows how to track the progress of each podcast idea, right from prospecting to when it goes live. You can sort by date, podcast status and even by the host (in case multiple people are collaborating on a single podcast) Guests - This sheet helps you track the guests you’ve tried to approach and additional details like Job title, Company Name, and more. Transcript - If you convert each episode into a transcript, this sheet will be very useful. You can use it to track the status of the transcript, especially when you’ve had the task outsourced. Podcast Sponsorships - It lets you track all the current sponsorships and invoices. Podcast ad units - Helps you map the ad units with the companies. If you want to use the podcast editorial calendar template, just create a free account on Stackby and click on “Copy Stack”. StackBy helps non-technical folks make the most out of spreadsheets. It allows you to build and customize solutions the way you want. Happy Podcasting!Checkout more related Templates : Product Competitor Analysis 
Use Stackby blog editorial calendar template for effective blogging strategies Templates

Blog Editorial Calendar

From small business owners, new start-up ventures to established multinational companies, everyone dedicates a significant portion of their time and resources towards blogging. While new forms of online marketing are taking the digital world by storm, blogging continues to be one of the most trusted and widely used methods. In simple terms, a blog is an online journal or an informal article that gives detailed information on a particular topic or product. Why do companies spend time and money blogging about their products or services? Companies resort to a multitude of strategies to increase their presence and visibility on the world wide web. Blogging is one of them. So, how does blogging help a business grow? Increases the credibility of a company by acting as a source of relevant and authentic information. Plays a crucial role in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The keywords used in your blog articles lead to high rankings in search engines like Google. Increases the demand for your product/ service by attracting potential customers. Contributes to enhancing brand loyalty and customer retention. Directs and increases traffic to your website. Benefits the company in the long term too as it is a permanent source of information. Keeping your blog content updated helps the customers follow the work of your company and, in turn, leads to better customer relationships. With social media marketing capturing most of the attention, it’s easy to forget about the impact of blogging. But blogs are the base that provides a strong foundation for the entire marketing strategy. This is where a blog editorial calendar template comes in handy. Are you a freelancer with an interest in writing blogs or a copywriter in an established company providing content writing services? Regardless of the category you fall in, creating content that meets your client’s expectations is your primary responsibility. So, what do you do if you have too many clients asking you to write multiple blogs for them? Having a hard time keeping track of everything? Well, don’t worry! With Stackby’s Blog Editorial Calendar Template, you can plan everything on a single interface! Our Blog Editorial Calendar Template will enable you to: Plan and manage your content writing work for multiple clients in one place. Keep track of your daily, weekly, and monthly schedule and deadlines with the in-built calendar in the blog editorial template. Monitor the blogs you and your team are currently working on and the level of difficulty of each. Record the average CPC of each article. Attach the graphics associated with each blog post and store the name of the designer. Attach the target persona of each article to ensure that the blog content meets the expectation of the client.With Stackby’s Blog Editorial Calendar Template, you can plan and optimize your content writing strategy with minimum effort and reap the maximum benefit! Combine it with automated keyword research template & content marketing distribution template, to take your content marketing workflows to the next level.   Check out other related Templates : Ad Campaign Planning Template Marketing Asset Management Email Marketing Calender Social Media Calendar Restaurant Social Marketing Calendar Competitor Analysis   
PR and Media CRM Template By Stackby Templates

PR and Media CRM

Gone are those days of maintaining spreadsheets and post-it notes to organize your PR clients or team. Now, sales, media, and PR professionals can manage their activities with the help of a Customer Relationship Management tool. This will help you streamline your daily tasks and keep all your PR contacts in one place.  What is the PR and Media CRM Template? Stackby brings an easy CRM tool that helps you monitor all your PR and media activities in one place. Here are 4 major benefits of using this template: You can manage your PR contacts: The CRM template allows you to store and manage all your PR and media contacts in one place. You can store all their information like contacts, social media, phone numbers, or even their birthdays! You can have consistent follow-ups: You do not have to go back and forth with your team or check your notes regarding your schedule. You can handle your appointments with your PR clients or contacts from this CRM only.  You can track your publications: If you want to remember which PR article was published at which channel, this CRM template is going to be very useful. It lets you track everything related to PR content such as authors, publish date, publishing channel, etc.  You can develop more personal relationships: The main aim of a CRM is to help you create better relations with your customers/ clients/ contacts. As you collect more and more information about your PR contacts or PR channels you can develop content that would be relevant to them. Thereby, increasing your chances of getting the exposure and making an impression on them at the same time.  Who can use Stackby’s PR and Media CRM Template? This template is useful for PR agencies, PR managers, PR management teams, Marketing teams, and Business owners.  How will Stackby’s PR and Media CRM Template Help You? Stackby’s PR and Media CRM Template makes it much easier for PR management teams to collaborate with each other in real-time. With this template, you will be able to do the following: Track everything about the PR articles that have been published for your business (author, publish date, due date, URL, status, media channel, publication channel, etc) Track and monitor your PR contacts such as their expertise, contact details, status, articles published, publication channels, and so on Manage all your publication channels in one place (articles published, number of articles published, type of publisher, etc) A public relations and media CRM can alter the way you have been working till now. This template gives you a robust structure to maintain your accounts and track your PR publications. Check out other related Templates : Ad Campaign Planning Template Business Development CRM Marketing Asset Management Email Marketing Calender  
PR Outreach Template By Stackby Templates

PR Outreach

PR outreach is the process of reaching out to relevant journalists, influencers, or media outlets with the purpose of introducing your business, building relationships, and increasing brand awareness.  Earlier PR outreach only meant getting backlinks or securing coverage in online magazines. Nowadays, there are plenty of ways to do PR outreach.  How to do PR outreach?  To begin with, you must have a PR outreach plan that includes what you are going to tell the world about your business and where you are going to publish that. Our PR outreach template helps you track all the PR outreach activities that you have planned. You must experiment with different channels and content. Do not limit yourself to just emails. Try using social networks, phone, and networking events and send out different content pitches.  Massing Pitching is generally not advised in PR outreach since every channel has its own PR requirements and you must abide by them. Our PR outreach tracker helps you keep a check on what you are pitching to different channels.  Before you decide to send your pitch to any journalist, editor, or writer, make sure that they will like it. Check the previous PR posts they have released and see whether your pitch matches them. There is no point in sending irrelevant pitches. You can check the Contacts table in our PR outreach template to track this goal.  Who can use Stackby’s PR Outreach Template? This template is useful for PR agencies, PR managers, PR management teams, marketing teams, and business owners.  How will Stackby’s PR Outreach Template Help You?  With the PR Outreach template, you can keep a track of all your PR outreach tasks such as the people you have contacted for PR outreach, the pitches you have used for which channel, your PR outreach contacts, the PR articles that you have created, and so on. This template will help you organize every detail of your PR outreach process.  You can use Stackby’s PR Outreach Template for the following purposes:  Maintain a record of all your PR outreach channels  Keep a record of all your PR outreach contacts, their emails, articles that they have published, pitches shared with them, and so on Track all your PR pitches for different channels, their delivery method (email, blog, etc), audience (customers, prospects, events), etc  Track your PR articles like article created by, publish date, status (published, not published), media channel, and related pitches Track the publications in which you have either sent your pitches or have sent your particles for publication, contacts related to each publication, and the number of articles published If you are looking to streamline your PR outreach process, this template will help you a lot. This template helps you track all your PR outreach activities so that you can make follow-ups, begin new projects, and manage your PR activities easily. Check out other related Templates : Ad Campaign Planning Template Marketing Asset Management Email Marketing Calender