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Press Release Request Management Template

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Public Relations has gained momentum these days. Bloggers, brands and almost every other online business wants to expand their PR outreach and find new platforms to showcase themselves. This is why PR agencies get numerous requests every day and sometimes managing these requests can become a real hassle. 

Stackby has now made organizing and managing PR requests much easier with our easy-to-use Press Release Request Management template because if you are not organized, you might miss many potential clients. 

  • Collect, review, organize and prioritize all your PR requests in no time
  • Add data to your stack automatically using Stackby forms 
  • Track all press requests converting into press releases 
  • Manage all your PR contacts in one place 

Time is of the essence for PR professionals and our Press Release Request Management template helps you record, track, understand, and respond to every request as soon as possible. If you have your whole PR team at your disposal, you can share this template with them and all of them can work upon press release requests from time to time. 

What’s included in Stackby’s Press Release Request Management Template? 

  1. Our PR Request Management Template includes three separate tables that will help you organize and monitor your PR requests, Press Releases, and PR Contacts respectively. 
  2. Our template also includes different views that will help you visualize your PR requests based on the subject status, subjects type, and published by status. 
  3. The template comes with a pre-built PR request form that you can share anywhere on your website, blogs, or via a direct link. 
  • The template also includes different views for visualizing the press release list based on status and date of publishing. 

Who can use Stackby’s Press Release Request Management Template? 

Stackby’s press release request management template is useful for PR agencies or marketing agencies who are handling the public relations of different clients. 

How will Stackby’s Press Release Request Management Template help you? 

Our press release request management template will help you bring all your team together and manage the PR request process in real-time. It will make the whole workflow of PR request management much easier for you. With this template, you will be able to do the following:

  • Manage all the PR requests from different channels in one place
  • Track the status of the press release requests (Due, Approved, Pending, Rejected, etc)
  • Record the contact name for every PR request 
  • Record the press release date for every PR request you receive 
  • Store the description of the press release request 
  • Track the type of PR requests you receive (Event, Daily News, Hiring Updates, etc)
  • Track the details of the press release for every request that you receive 
  • Track the press release associated with every contact 
  • Keep a record of the publication website 
  • Store details of PR contacts (Photograph, Phone Number, Email, PR request send, Number of requests sent, Number of press releases approved, Number of press releases pending, etc)

Take your organizational skills a step further by incorporating various automation, security, and privacy features that Stackby has to offer to you and smoothen your workflow even more. Use our Press release request management template right away and enhance your productivity.

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