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Content Audit Template

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Content Audit Template
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Knowing how well your content is performing is one of the most important aspects of content marketing. If you don't keep track of your content's performance, it simply means that your campaigns are being shot in the dark! The whole campaign and the individual pieces in the campaign require an audit. Stackby’s Content Audit template can help you out with that. 

Why audit the content? Because not auditing content leads to losing opportunities along with wasting your money and time. 

A content audit is needed to understand which of your published content performs the best and vice versa. It can assess your content marketing efforts' current status or identify any shortcomings in your website's SEO efforts. 

Why do we need a Content Audit Template?

A content audit is required to dissect a company's overall performance and see its metrics and channels. This helps to determine what is working and what is not. 

But let's be honest, auditing content seems like such a daunting task. And as you add on content on your website or even your campaign, the load increases manifolds. Will this task not take weeks? 

No. It only takes 20 minutes. All you need is a content audit template. 

A content audit template will help you maintain a complete list and information regarding the number and status of your published content. It will also help keep a detailed list of other information regarding the published content and the actionability status. 

It makes your work easier as you will not have to go back to every published content to understand how they perform. You can store all the information regarding content auditing, update and performance status in one place. 

Who will find this template useful?

This Content audit template will be useful for the content team, content head, marketing teams, business owners & SMEs. 

How will Stackby’s Content Audit Template help you?

Stackby's content audit template is completely free and customizable. Using this template, you will be able to:

  • Store all the details of your content audit in one place. 
  • List each content that needs to be audited.
  • Keep track of the platform of each content (Podcast/ Blog/ Newsletter/ Product Update/ Website/ Infographics/ etc.).
  • Add attachments of the content, if any, to the template itself. 
  • Record the name of the content collaborator in each case. 
  • Track the status of the audit in real-time. 
  • Record the format of the content whose audit is being done (Audio/ Article/ PDF/ HTML/ etc.)
  • Store the link to the content in the template itself. 
  • Record the type and priority status in each case. 
  • Track each iteration as well as the average rating for each content audit. 
  • Add recommendations in each case, if any. 

Use the content audit software to do the analytical research to know the performance of your last content on the website. What is working for your content to make it more readable? Our template is free to use. 

If you are looking forward to conducting your website’s content audit, this is the template for you. Easily update the Content Audit template anytime and anywhere and customize it according to your needs. 

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Content Audit Template

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