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PR Agency CRM Template

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PR Agency CRM Template
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Are you a PR agency looking for ways to manage your projects, handle your clients and track your team's progress? If yes, then you must try Stackby’s PR Agency CRM template. This is a pre-built template, created by our experts for PR agencies who want to:

  • Start building/ maintaining their contact lists 
  • Understand what is important for their contacts
  • Keep in touch with their clients and contacts 
  • Monitor their pitches & team's activities 
  • Collaborate with the team to get things done 
  • Stay up to date on every project/client 
  • Measure the results 

CRM or Customer Relationship Management can help Public Relations (PR) teams to manage their interactions with their current and potential clients. As we all know that a CRM is not just about maintaining and managing contacts, but is about building and managing relationships with your clients. So, public relations teams can take advantage of this feature of a CRM tool and nurture their client relationships in a more organized fashion.

Top 3 benefits of using our pre-built CRM for public relations:

  1. Manage contacts in a breeze: Say goodbye to spreadsheets and store all your press contacts in one place. Our PR Agency CRM template can be further used to store complete details of your contacts like their social media handles, files, documents, contracts, meeting history, payments, invoices, email correspondence, and much more! 
  2. Follow-up consistently: No need to go back and forth with your clients or PR contacts for confirming the meeting timings. You can keep a track of your schedule from your PR Agency CRM, take meeting notes, and share the details of your meetings with your team. 
  3. Track your progress: If you want to track which of your PR pitches got approved, how many pitches got published, what’s the community size of every publication where your brand got exposure and so on, you can use this CRM template. 

Who can use Stackby’s PR Agency CRM Template? 

Our pre-built template of CRM for PR agencies is useful for PR agencies or marketing agencies who are handling the public relations of different clients. 

How will Stackby’s PR Agency CRM Template help you? 

The CRM template for PR agencies by Stackby includes three separate tables to monitor and record your progress in article creations, publications, and press contacts respectively. With this template, you will be able to do the following:

  • Monitor all the PR articles that you are creating 
  • Attach briefs related to every article 
  • Store the links for every article so that you can access them at any time 
  • Track which articles are published under which publication 
  • Store the date and time of publication of the articles 
  • Maintain any notes related to PR articles 
  • Track all the publications and their status (Trade publications, online articles, blog, etc)
  • Track the contacts related to every publication 
  • Keep a record of the press contacts (publication, face shot, email address, community size, articles, etc)

Using our PR agency CRM template is safe and secure. It is much more than keeping a track of your tasks in a spreadsheet. Now you can organize all your PR-related tasks for every client in a much robust way and share the project with your team members and/or clients, all at the same time.

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