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Digital Content Calendar Template

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Digital Content Calendar Template
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Content marketing is not a simple discipline especially if you seek consistent growth. From planning to developing and publishing content, there are many facets to consider in content marketing. 

Stackby’s content calendar template is an automated, easy-to-use, customizable tool that will help you track your content marketing workflows without any hassle. From initial brainstorming to last-minute editions, you can manage your complete content workflow in one platform with your whole team. 

  1. Integrate Workflows: From SEO planning to writing, editing, and publishing content, you can organize all the phases of your content marketing process together with this template. 
  2. Visualize your Campaigns: As your marketing campaign grows, it might become difficult to grasp what’s going on. A content calendar makes it easier for you to see the big picture. At the same time, you can also narrow down your workflows. 
  3. Connect and Collaborate: Stackby is a cloud-based collaborative platform that enables you to connect with your team in real-time from anywhere. This way your team can work together on the content calendar without any hiccups. 

What is a Content Calendar? 

A content calendar is a written schedule that includes everything about upcoming content pieces, status updates, planned promotional activities, and updates to existing content. A digital content calendar helps you stay organized and armed with content in advance so that you can publish your content at the right time.

Stackby’s content calendar template is a transparent depository that showcases what’s due, what’s in progress, and what has been done. This helps you understand how your content strategy is being executed, what are the gaps, and how you can achieve your goals. You can manage multiple content campaigns on different social media platforms in one place. using a content calendar. 

Why use a Content Calendar? 

  1. Maintain consistency: You need to keep your audience engaged and for that, you need to create content that is intriguing and entertaining. Your content calendar keeps your team honest and answerable regarding your content strategy. 
  2. Stay on Time: A content calendar helps you stay on top of your publishing schedule and helps you plan and plot your content as per upcoming events. This way you will never miss out on any opportunity of attracting an audience. 
  3. Track your Performance: You can reach your business goals only when you understand how your content is performing. A content calendar can also help you track the important metrics and uncover insights to improve your content performance. 

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Who can use Stackby’s Content Calendar Template? 

Stackby’s content calendar template is for content managers, content marketers, content writers, editors, content specialists, bloggers, business owners, illustrators, publishers, social media specialists, outreach specialists, and anyone who is related to content creation, editing, publishing, and marketing processes. 

How is Stackby’s Content Calendar Template Useful for You? 

Our content calendar template includes three tables for tracking your content, campaigns, and output or results. It also includes a Kanban view of the content calendar based on content status and creator status. Along with this, you can visualize the content calendar based on images in Gallery view. Here’s what you can do with this template:

  • Track the status of every content being generated by the team (in progress, live, on hold, etc.)
  • Store the URLs, front headlines, sub-headlines, and image attachments for every content piece. 
  • Track the due date for every content and the total content campaigns associated with them. 
  • Monitor different content marketing campaigns, their status, leads, content creators, assets, and budgets. 
  • Track the important metrics for every content campaign such as CPC, spendings, impressions, CPM, clicks, and success rates. 
  • Track the different social media platforms for each of your content campaigns. 

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